The Breaking Of Bow


Apr 28, 2019
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After The Breaking Of The Bow :-
With breaking of the bow Peenak king Janak's avow was completed. He experienced the same joy as a tired swimmer experiences finding a shore after long hours of swimming. Only moments before he had been so dejected by poor performance of all the invited kings and princes and had begun to feer that his daughter might remain unmarried.


Satanand the royal priests of king Janak, considering that the auspicious time had arrived, instructed Sita to garland Sri Rama.

Sita moved slowly towards Sri Rama with the garland in her hands. However, when she reached near Sri Rama she became as motionless as a statue. Seeing this, her companions coaxed her to garland Sri Rama.

Sita slowly and hesitatingly moved ahead and garlanded Sri Rama.

The deities welcomed the moment showering flowers from the heaven. Every where the people were rejoicing and celebrating with festivity and the Brahmins chanted the sacred mantras of the Vedas.

The news of Sri Rama breaking the bow spread like a wild fire in all the three worlds.


The bow had broken with a loud noise that reverbrated in all the three worlds. Parashurama, who was then observing penance at the 'Mahendra-Giri' mountain also heard that deafening sound and instantly set out for Janakpur. His arrival in Janakpur frightened everyone.

Fair complexioned Parashurama also possessed a strong body and burly physique. He had smeared his body with ashes. He had a Tripunda mark on his forehead. His matted locks of hairs were tied into a knot and resembled a crown. His eyebrows were twisted by anger and eyes were reddish and looked so ferocious that even a glance at anyone petrified him. Parashurama was carrying two sets of quivers on both of his shoulders. In one of his hands was a bow and in the other was an axe. Even his external tranquil appearance was unable to conceal his inner anger.

Greeting Parashurama, king Janak called Sita so that she could also receive the his blessings.

Sita came and greeted Parashurama. Parashurama blessed her saying-

AKHAND SAUBHAGYAVATI BHAVA May your husband always remain with you.


Just then, sage Vishwamitra came forward and greeted Parashurama bowing down before him and asked Sri Rama and Laxmana to do the same. After this, he introduced both Sri Rama and Laxmana to Parashurama, saying that they were the sons of king Dasharatha.

Parashurama was very pleased to see both of them.

When Parashurama saw the broken bow, lying on the ground, his anger crossed all limits and he asked –

"O Janak, tell me, who has broken this bow, otherwise I will destroy your whole kingdom."

Terrified Janak stoodstill without uttering a word. The wicked kings were feeling happy. Sita too was restless.


Sri Rama then came forward and politely answered without feer:

"O sage, whoever has broken this bow of Lord Shankara, could be none other than your own follower and servant. Tell me, what's your command."

Parashurama said-
"Listen Rama, only he could be called a 'servant' who does serve and one who acts with hostility is definitely an enemy.

O Rama, whoever has broken this bow of Lord Shankar, is certainly an enemy of mine just like Sahastrarjun. Therefore, just expel that person out of this assembly or I will kill everybody."


Laxmana, who had been listening to the dialogues between Sri Rama and Parashurama with patience, smiled and teasingly said to Parashurama:

"O Sage, in our childhood we had broken innumerable bows like this one but you never became angry. Why do you have so much attachment with this particular bow."

Listening this, Parashurama who belonged to the clan of sage Bhrigu angrily replied:

"Shut up, O haughty prince! Don't you know that this bow was not an ordinary bow? This bow belonged to my preceptor Lord Shiva."

Again pointing towards his axe he said:

"O fool! Have you not heard about my anger? I am tolerating your mockery only because of your tender age. Only the hermits know about my nature. I am a Bal Brahmachari (One who has practised celibacy form childhood). I have a borne hostility with Khatriyas. I have wiped out the Khatriyas from the face of the earth seventeen times and gifted it to the Brahmins! Look at this axe which had severed the arms of Sahasrabahu! O Prince, don't act in a way which may cause boundless sorrow for your parents."

Laxmana said: "O sage your repetitive efforts of proving your bravery are useless because I am not tender and sensitive like Mimosa that withers by just a mere touch. Inspite of your every efforts of provoking me I have been containing myself only because you are the son of sage Jamadagni".

"Also because people born in Suryavansh don't use their weapons on the Brahmins, cows and the devotees of God."

Further Laxmana said: "O sage you speak like thundering caused by crores of lightnings. Even the bow and arrows in your hands are of no use. But still, whatever I have said, please forgive me for that."

Listening to Laxmana's reply Parashurama's anger sored high, and gesturing towards Sage Vishwamitra he said:

Parashurama said: 'O descendant of Kaushik Vishwamitra, listen to me – this boy not only has low intelligence but is wicked also and is about to destroy his whole lineage by his actions.

So do not blame me if any untoward thing happens. If you want to save him, tell him about my greatness, strength and anger; ask him to stop babbling which increases my anger."

Then Laxmana teasingly said:

Laxmana said: "Who else can describe about your fame better than you? You have narrated about your brave deeds for so many times, but it seems that you are still unsatisfied! So please carry on with your self-description. Do not torture yourself suppressing your anger."

"O Supreme Brahmin – the brave and valiant prove themselves in the battlefield – they just do not merely talk about their bravery – it seems you have invited your death".

Hearing this Parashurama's hands moved over his axe.

Parashurama said: "O courtiers, don't blame me if I kill this boy who speaks so bitterly. I had spared his life so far just because of his raw age, but now it seems that he has made up his mind to die."

Vishwamitra said: O supreme among the sages! Please forgive this child because the sages do not mind the misbehaviours of the children."

Hearing Vishwamitra's words, Parashurama said:
I have this sharp-edged axe in my hand and this culprit stands alive before me, even though he had disgraced my preceptor. I have spared his life till now only because of you otherwise killing him I would have been free from the debts of my preceptor."

Sri Rama who was quite till now, but apprehending that the situation might go out of control, said:

"O great sage! Just think, my crime is very small but your anger is great. The withered and rotten bow just broke into pieces by my mere touch. If you think that Laxmana is insulting you by repeatedly calling you a Brahmin then listen to this truth – there is no any brave man in this world who could escape without fighting a battle after challenging me, not even death."

A person who has taken a birth in the lineage of Raghu does not even fear even death. He only fears the Brahmin because being supreme, a Brahmin should be feared and one who fears the Brahmin acquires the designation of fearless in this world."

The soft and mystical words of Sri Rama dispersed the shadow of darkness which had so far covered the intelligence of Parashurama and he offered his own bow to Sri Rama:

"O Laxmipati, please take this bow."

When Parashurama tried to give his bow to Sri Rama, he was surprised to see that the bow slipped to Sri Rama on its own and without any efforts.

Ultimately, Parashurama realised the real identity of Sri Rama and being pleased, eulogized him.

And then Parashurama returned back to Mahendra Giri and continued his penance again.