The power of chanting the Holy name & the concept of Reincarnation.


May 1, 2019
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A person reincarnates according to his karmas however the most important part is what the person desires at the time of death & the soul gets a body accordingly. If the person desires for God, would get God (Becomes a Vishnu Parshad or representative of God) & if he desires to see his pet Dog he might be reborned as a Dog in his next life however this also shows the mercy of God who fulfills our last wish at the time of death & we got many examples in our History & Scriptures about such reincarnation incident, like King Bharat the son of Lord Rishabdev, King Bhartihari the brother of Vikram Samvat etc.

Whats in our heart would come out faster when we face any problems, if I am use to bad words like kutta/dog & while walking on the road fell down due to some reason the word kutta/dog or any such bad word would come out from my mouth at once but if some great devotee is used to chant the holy name of Sri Ram/Krishna/Hari/Mahadev frequently only those words would come-out from his mouth when in problems or if he falls down due to some reason & this is what exactly happens at the time of death, if we chanted Dog Dog Dog or any such material name whole life it would come out when we are gona die & if we chanted the holy name that would come out at the time of death & it is for sure we would turn a dog if dogs come out but if we chanted the holy name the soul would definately deserve Godly spritual planet or would be reborned as a divine soul/representative of God.

Holy name is not material & those who thinks the name of Ram/Krishna/hari are material then he should read scriptures& prasang like Ajamila udhar who was a Brahmana but committed all crimes which would lead him to hellish planet however his childs name was Narayan, Narayan the Supreme & so does his name remains spritual & Ajamil with love towards his child he called the name Narayan which was the name temperory given to his son, chanted this name so many times which wiped away all his sins & when the yamduttas came to take him Vishnu parshads threatened them & they ran away, he lived for 18 more years& performed satkarma at haridwar & left for Vainkutha. This was the first & last time yamduttas committed a mistake by trying to take the prana of a devotee like Ajamila however they were been taught good lesson later.

Ratnakar was a very big sinner who was asked to chant the holy name of Sri Ram by Sri Narada muni, due to so many sins committed he wasnt able to chant the pure name of Sri Ram& so he was asked to chant Mara Mara which if chanted faster sounds like Ram Ram Ram & from a thief he became Maharishi Valmiki who compiled scripture like Ramayan. God is merciful who takes mara as Ram & bad words like harami also as Hey Ram, he is filled with mercy & love, so one can imagine when someone takes his name with true love & passion what type of mercy he can shower on such souls? This can only be understand by divine souls like Sudama, Surdasji, Tulsidasji, Narsimehta etc.

From the example of Ajamil prasang we can understand that Gods name when given even to a material being the name remains spiritual because the name belongs to the Supreme, but if his name would have been something else he would have definitely fallen in some hellish planet. So if someone understand that by chanting God or chanting Dog or any material name would get us peace & there isn't any difference in material & spiritual name then such chants would definitely lead us to dogly planets & not Godly planets.

||All glories to Guru & Gauranga||
|| HaRe KriShna ||