Vishnu Mantra - For Family Unity, Peace and Understanding


May 1, 2019
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Unity in a family is most essential for peace of mind and satisfaction. Any family that has wealth and education will still not have any happiness without the presence of understanding or unity in them. Lord Vishnu is known as the preserver , and this post comprises of a powerful Lord Vishnu mantra that can be used to please Lord Vishnu. Getting the blessings of Lord Vishnu will help to bring peace, understanding and unity among the family members. The following is a simple ritual / pooja that you can perform to bring unity to your family.

In the morning, after your bath, light a lamp and sit beside it.Now, take some tulsi leaves or few grains of rice,in your right hand and chant the following mantra :

om namo vasudevaya chakradharaya vishwadevaya mahavishno namah

ॐ नमो वासुदेवाय चक्रधाराय विष्वदेवाय महाविष्नो नमः

Repeat the above mantra 36 times . Then place the rice/tulsi at the base of the lamp. Touch the base of the lamp with the ring finger of your right hand, and chant the following mantra 3 times :

om namo mahavishnudevaya pahimam ॐ नमो महविष्णुदेवाया पाहिमाम

Repeat this simple ritual for 41 consecutive days. Each day take the rice/tulsi and keep it in a safe container that is free from insects and dust. After 41 days, place the rice/tulsi in a small copper vessel in the north-east corner of your pooja room or bedroom. It is advisable to start the pooja on a Thursday or Sunday morning. You will start to see changes in your family from the 21st day itself. Make sure you pray with utmost sincerity and devotion.

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