We got Cannine teeths as God's gift to eat flesh so why cant we


May 1, 2019
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Yes - Gita says "Jivo Jivasays Jivanam", Translation - "One living entity is food for another in the struggle for existence", even plants are considered with a life/soul & so we did proved in our earlier post about how plants/crops are made for us to survie.

Padma Puran states - There are 84,00,000 species & in Bhagwatam & other purans the creation is been mentioned in a Particular order.
First came plants, later water creatures, later birds, later came land animals & atlast came humans, this can be proved even Logically. If Plants never appeared how could anything surive? So it has to appear first & human body is very rare, after passing from all those 84,00,000 species the soul gets Holy cow's body & atlast gets a human body. Cows are sacred, very innocent, when they leave their material body the soul gets a body of a human because they are, innocent & loving.

*Reincarnation concept is diffrent from this topic which we can discuss later.

*Note: The only reason the new generation taking birth are very aggresive by nature, because one main reason is due to those innocent Holy mother cows are been slaughtered by the butchers on the name of Money & religion, when innocent cows are killed with cruelty the human body they get would anyways be cruel/aggresive. Many Cows die naturally & such divine souls are rare to take human birth in present Kaliyuga.

SO....Man has to survie on some life as said In Gita & so plants are made at the first place because it is always better to do SMALLER SINS by EATING VEGTABLES rather than BIGGER SINS like killing the innocent animals however eating Vegetables after offering to Gods deity is not a sin as mentioned in GITA - 3.13 – The devotees of the lord are released from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice. Others, who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment , verily eat only sin”.


But what if someone lives in a country like Russia or few norther parts of this GLOBE where Vegetarian is unavail?
To survie, a person who did smaller sin by eating vegetables can now do a sin by havign fish, no fish can have birds, no birds can have land animals but mother cow should never be harmed in whatever situation & this is the law which is very very "EXCEPTIONAL", this was the law which holds no value in todays world where Vegetarian food is avail in almost each & every part of the country/state.

Apart from what the scriptures says is only so that a person eats for the sake of surviving & not survie for the sake of eating the innocent animals & with devotional activites they can wipe out their bad sins, such cases are exceptional due to which Cannine teeths are given, but if the person is me who gets no Vegetarian food, I would prefer to die before surving on any other living Son who is now in an animal body given by the supreme personality of Godhead. Beloved teachings of Vedic Scriptures, many sages, saints use to survie only on those leaves which were fallen from the trees, they wont even harm a tree for food. Austerity is one of the best practise mentioned in our Scriptures & with the power of austerity millions of soul earned a lot many boons & most of them got Liberated from the cycle of birth & death. (Even in kaliyuga by doing Anshanvrat/Fasting by Ramdev baba & Annaji can shake the Government, no matter whatever the conclusion is but they did shake the enitire system without a doubt, right? So fasting is very powerfull austerity)

Dhruv maharaj stopped eating for just 6 months & now he owns his own planet called the south pole star/Dhruv loka. Planet, where there is no birth nor death. It is one of the spritual planet of the Supreme almighty which resides in the heart of Khirodakshya Vishnu while destruction takes place at the end of one KALPA (1 kalpa is 4,32,00,00,000 years only or just 12 hours of Sri Brahmaji)

Conclusion: Cannine teeths are given for exceptional cases only. WE SHOULD EAT FOR THE SAKE OF LIVING & NOT LIVE FOR THE SAKE OF EATING because eating, mating, defending & to die is also avail in the dogs Kingdom so whats the diffrence in him & us?

Have anybody seen an carnivirous animals who falls sick after having their meal/flesh, RAW FLESH? But humans thinks we are wise & we shall cook this flesh & add flavour to it & the same food is the reason for his death or health issues. Cant we understand this simple logic that humans cant survie on flesh like the animals does?

||HaRe KriShnA||