What happens in a Hindu wedding ceremony?

Guru Kripa

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Jun 1, 2019
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Hindu wedding is the celebration of love, culture, and tradition. I am sharing here some of the rituals and traditions of the Hindu wedding ceremony.

  1. Before the wedding, there is a ritual to determine a specific date for the wedding which is called muhurta. An astrologer calculates the date by reading the bride and groom's dates of birth.
  2. Then some parties are arranged like sangeet where family member join and enjoy the music.
  3. Then there is Mehendi ceremony in which mehndi is applied to the bride and groom's hand.
  4. Then a mandap is constructed with fire at the center. Both bride and groom take 7 steps around the fire.
  5. Groom then apply Sindoor to the bride's hair and then wear her a necklace called mangal sutra.
  6. Then Vidai ceremony and reception ceremony are held.