What is the contribution of Hinduism and India to the modern world ?

Apr 30, 2019
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Hindus have always been contributors be it ancient world or modern world but sake of sharing few things I am showing few very commonly known contributions to world as below:-
  1. Cultural contributor to south east Asia and south Asia to prove this point I will quote saying of Chinese philosopher and diplomat who once said "India Conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border."
  2. India among the largest producers of cotton and rice
  3. Among contributions to world is Dairy farming, India have exported many Desi cows to countries Brazil as Indian cows produce A2 milk
  4. India gave 0 to world apart from negative numbers to algebra by Brahma Gupta.
  5. Plastic surgery was used by India 2000 years ago by Hindu sage named Sushruta.
  6. Contribution in Astronomy
  7. Gravity was known to Ancient India around 7th Century AD which
  8. Concept of Gravity was well known to Indians in 7th century AD which can be observed by the works of Hindu Sage Bhaskracharya, At this time Hindus had even calculated the age of Earth, speed of light and the distance between Earth and Sun.
  9. Yoga and mediation is Hindu contribution to the world and many people often say that even Kungfu i.e Chinese martial arts was started from South India by Buddhist monks.
  10. Spirituality come to be known to world through Hinduism.
  11. Humanity and peace was given to world by Hindus when world was barbaric.
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