Why Did Krishna Choose Arjuna For The Knowledge Of Bhagwad Gita?


May 1, 2019
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The Mahabharata is one of the finest pieces of literature in this world. No other historical scripture divulges so deeply in the complexity of the human mind, its personality and how it reacts to things. It is profound and entertaining at the same time. It teaches us to apply philosophy when we want to want to take the right decisions in our lives.

The epic is full of gallant warriors each one a master in himself, but Lord Krishna only chose to be Arjun’s charioteer. Have you ever wondered why? Whatever the Lord does has a deeper meaning. It is never as simple as it looks on the surface.
Some of you would be more than willing to put up an argument in support of Karna, Drona and Bhishma. As they would have made better candidates for the Lord. All of them were learned scholars, and stood by their principles all their lives. They were great and lived fruitful lives, but could not serve the purpose of greater good.
While Arjuna is remembered as a hero, the others are remembered as tragic heroes or martyrs. When the name of Arjuna is mentioned it invokes a natural awe. While the others met their end fighting a battle they knew they could never win, don’t just take our word for Arjuna being the ideal candidate for Lord Krishna. Let’s compare these great warriors in order to reach a solid conclusion.
Why not Karan?
Karna and Arjuna were equally good archers, and also similar in physical strength. While they both wanted to stick to their principles, the one flaw that crosses Karan names out of the ideal candidate list is his friendship with Dhuryodhan. This friendship mattered to him more than anything in this world. Loyalty is a virtue, but a blind virtue only leads to a sad end. Had he chosen Dharma as his first priority he may have been considered.
How could Bhishma not qualify?

Bhishma was known to be a most selfless man all his life. He was learned, wise and mighty. But he too had joined the wrong camp, which eventually led to his demise.
His oath to follow the King of Hastinapur, irrespective of who it is, made him sway from the path of righteousness. He had disregarded advice from the Lord himself.

And Drona, why not him?

Drona was the greatest Guru of his time. He trained the Kauravas in the art of warfare. For a great teacher to stand mute while his students went about doing evil, was pitiful. He chose to be loyal to his employer rather following the path of Dharma.

The big question- why Arjuna?

Arjuna no doubt was a great warrior, but when you compare his flaws with others, they are far outnumbered. He committed several foolish acts, putting his family in trouble, but despite his flaws, the Lord chose him, why?
For one, he took Lord Krishna’s words as absolute. He had complete trust in his master. He was willing to follow his very instruction and direction to perfection. He was willing to carry out Krishna’s orders even at the cost of his promises or principles. Lord Krishna had chosen him for this very quality.
He chose him to be the hero of that era. The instrument for God to pass the message of Dharma to the world. He was not a hero who would lay down his life for tragic reasons. Arjuna chose to make Lord Krishna his ideal, guide and mentor. Hence, despite his faults, he eventually turned out to be the most glorious of the pack.
You do release that the comparison was done to bring to the forefront certain facts. Loyalty to a friend or an employer is an admirable trait, but if it becomes an obstacle in the path of greater good, it should be abandoned. Lord Krishna will only guide you, if you put complete trust in him.
Hence, Arjun will always be remembered as the eternal hero, who had the Lord on his side to guide him every step of the way.

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