Why Tallest Female Basketball player had to become a Hindu?

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Apr 30, 2019
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Yekaterina Lisina (born October 15, 1987), is a Russian basketball player who competed for the Russian National Team at the 2008 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal.In her bare feet, Lisina stands 6 foot 9 inches tall (2.05 m). In 2014 she ended her professional basketball career.

Actually Yekaterina Lisina is a staunch feminist and therefore she realized that abrahamic religions like Islam and Christianity do not have a concept of female Goddess and therefore, are absolutely patriarchal in their philosophy and culture. She then began to look for better alternatives, once she visited a Hindu temple in India and she got highly influenced by Hinduism and its female god worshiping philosophy. Yekaterina Lisina has now became an ardent follower of Goddess lakshmi and as a result of which she is regular visitor of temples and worships Hindu gods. She has stopped eating non vegetarian food and has turned a pure vegetarian since then.. she meditates for a few minutes everyday and now leads a much happier life.

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