Dream Interpretation of Lord Shiva in Dreams

lord shiva in dreams

Lord Shiva, or simply Shiva for shorts, is a deity of Hinduism, which is an Indian religion. Shiva is a member of the Trimurti, the trinity of the supreme, principal deities of Hinduism. These three deities are the personifications of destruction, preservation, and creation, with Brahma being the creator god, Vishnu, the preserver, and finally, Shiva, the destroyer.

Although Shiva is called the destroyer, originally, he was considered to be both a creator and a destroyer. The basic principle which Shiva represents is recreation, the idea that for something to be created, something else must be destroyed and that energy is a constant that flows throughout time creating and destroying at the same time.

Dreams about Lord Shiva can mean a lot of different things. First of all, considering the nature of this deity and what it represents, a person’s understanding of the concept of Shiva affects significantly the way that Shiva’s appearance in a person’s dreams should be interpreted.

Most likely, a person who had a dream about Shiva is a worshiper of Hinduism. But that is not always the case, and if by any chance, although unlikely, you have no affiliation with Hinduism or you are not religious at all and had a dream about Shiva, then you are probably looking for an answer. Hindu people already have one for you, and that is a fundamental concept in their religion, reincarnation. Reincarnation is the belief that death is only biological, and the essence of life preserves itself, starting a new life through another body or form.

Even though you didn’t have any knowledge about Hinduism or Shiva, the fact that Shiva appeared in your dreams means that you did worship the god Shiva in some of your previous lives.

Most of the time, during dreams, Shiva is imagined and depicted dancing or meditating. We are going to give an interpretation of both of these cases. Please bear in mind that the most crucial thing during dreams is the way you felt. Also, you need to pay attention or remember details about the vision you saw while dreaming. You can’t interpret a dream you remember vaguely.

Shiva is often pictured dancing, having multiple limbs, and holding a drum and a fire. The drum is a musical instrument, that’s because sound is the sign of birth and creation, fire, on the other hand, is what brings destruction. Seeing Shiva like this could mean that there opportunities for you in life, but most likely, you will sacrifice something to get something else.

The other case for Shiva to appear in a dream is seen meditating. Unlike the previous example, which is up to a person’s interpretation, this one is almost always a good sign for the dreamer. This most likely means that you are walking the path of inner peace, that you are seeking balance in your life and that you are doing good in that regard.