हस्तलिपि/ MANUSCRIPT


ManuScript – Scripts written manually, whose fonts were/are as good as any machine language, paper made out of wood & ink obtained naturally from flowers & other ingredients. To compile one book it took around 5 to 6 years or depending on the no of verses. There were groups of people whose job was to write manuscripts their entire life, they were paid by the Kings or Temple Authority, there were Gurukuls who teaches how to write Manuscripts in those days. Responsible Citizens of Bharata use to keep Manuscript at their house as a Symbol of Status, Manuscripts was/is Vidhya & Vidhya/knowledge was given more importance than the Post of A King. The ink on these wooden papers used to last for 300 to 400 years later it was been re-written. Until present we can make up an Index of only 4% Manuscript & Vedic Knowledge which is safe with us, very sad to know that we lost almost 96% of our manuscripts. There are Manuscripts written with Gold & Silver ink which can be seen at a Jain temple located at Palitana. There are many Manuscripts still avail with us in few Library, Museums, Many temples etc.

Mugals destroyed Maximum Manuscripts Physically from Bharat & Britishers destroyed Manuscripts Physically & Mentally from the mind of Bhartiya people.History of destruction on our Vedic culture & Manuscript

History of destruction on our Vedic culture Manuscript

When Knowledge becomes a part of Business the country is Ruined.
Do we still need the British Education system?

Vedic Importance of Education in Bharata.

We had the Best Universities in the World (Taxilla – During its times this university, where the students from all across the world used to come to attain specialization in over 64 different fields of study like vedas, grammar, philosophy, ayurveda, agriculture, surgery, politics, archery, warfare, astronomy, commerce, futurology, music, dance, etc. There were even curious subjects like the art of discovering hidden treasure, decryption encrypted messages, etc) Further centers include Odantapuri, in Bihar (circa 550 – 1040), Somapura, in Bangladesh (from the Gupta period to the Muslim conquest), Sharada Peeth, Pakistan, Jagaddala, in Bengal (from the Pala period to the Muslim conquest), Nagarjunakonda, in Andhra Pradesh, Vikramasila, in Bihar (circa 800-1040), Valabhi, in Gujarat (from the Maitrak period to the Arab raids), Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh (8th century to modern times), Kanchipuram, in Tamil Nadu, Manyakheta, in Karnataka, Puspagiri, in Orissa and Ratnagiri, in Orissa however these were all destroyed by Mellachas & Yewans (Mugals & British) Even the so called GOVERNMENT of INDIA is trying to wipe out these evidence to promote British Education system in our Bharata.
In the Olden days before the British invaded Bharat, a student was given more importance than The King.
Assume a tiny lane where only one person can pass through & if on one side the King stands & the opposite side the Student is returning back home from his Gurukul. The King would stand for the Student to pass by first & later the King would go because The wise king knew these kids are the future generation & with their vedic education they would benefit the Society, this is how the kingdom use to be dependent on each other & had love & respect, lived a peaceful, Spiritual & material free life.When Knowledge becomes a part of Business the country is Ruined.

Lord Macaulay on Indian culture

Keeping Manuscripts was once a Symbol of Status. (Manuscripts were expensive & was a way to gain knowledge)
HASTPRAST/MANUSCRIPT – Mugals destroyed Maximum Manuscripts Physically & Britishers destroyed Manuscripts Physically & Mentally from the mind of Bhartiya people.
Lord Macaulay was the culprit to introduce the British Education in our Vedic Society, in the year 1838 started from Bengal with the first British School, their official reports said there were around 4.5 lakh Schools & Bharata ranks 1st in Educational system, all schools were stopped at once & they added the British syllabus, read the official letter of Macaulay added in the picture.
There was one more Culprit named Max Muller who learnt Sanskrit for 12 years & translated The Ved’s, his translation was so wonderful that people started worshiping Max Muller once as a Saint who saved Bharata however Max was a culprit who was trying to cheat the innocent Bhartiya people with his few good work & manipulate vedic text adding some additional concept of Indo European, Indus valley, Dravidian etc theories, He wanted to prove Ved’s are hardly few years old however according to us Ved’s are “Apushreya” – There is no actual age of its Existence, when people accepted his few good things he would be accepted with such false theory also which was the reason he tried to enter the mind of Bhartiya people. He succeeded in his work, even presently we get Rig Ved translated by Max Muller. See picture – Read the official letter of Max to his wife which clearly mentions about the uprooting of Veds were hardly few years old.
NASA earlier said Ved’s are 3000 years old & few years back they said they are 1500 years old however Nasa also proved The river Saraswati extent/dried 6000 years back, dried 8000 years back from Rajasthan & they also proved Aryans use to practice Ved’s near the river Saraswati. Now we ask NASA, where did Ved’s come near Saraswati river when it is only 1500 years old? We do not accept NASA, we do not accept British translations or its education system, we only accept our Scriptures been translated by our Vedic Acharyas born in Bharata & comes from the Chain of disciples, Guru & disciple chain system.
Evidence on Max muller –http://archive.org/stream/lifelettersofrig01mluoft#page/328/mode/2up

How was our Vedic Text misinterpreted

How was our Vedic Text misinterpreted?

Max Muller studied Sanskrit for 12 years & played this game to break the rich culture of Bharat, What exactly he did?
Sanskrit – Sanskrit is a very vast language for example there are more than 250 words just to define water, it was easy to manipulate our Vedic text by making use of wrong meanings in different verse.
WATCH – WHAT TIME IS IT IN YOUR WATCH? & the same word can be used but with a diffrent meaning, CAN YOU KEEP A WATCH ON MY DOG? Only a stupid would conclude keeping a watch on a Dog is like making the dog wear the time machine.
One of my Guru, His Glory Gaur Gopal Prabhu explains about the Ruins of Sanskrit Language.
Ex. (1) Hindi text Anil Sharma, Gaya. Anil, Sharma Gaya
Same sentence, just by shifting commas we get 2 different meanings, one says about “going” another says about feeling “shy”.
Ex. (2) English text Hang him! Not let him go! Hang him not! Let him go!
Same sentence, Just by making use of exclamation one sentence talks about “death” another talks about “freedom”.
Sanskrit text got biggest words even today compared to other language. Assume GODISNOWHERE is one word but when we break this in parts, it sounds like – GOD IS NO WHERE & GOD IS NOW HERE.
One word with 2 opposite meanings & this gave the whites more freedom to manuplate our vedic text by adding fake Dravidian, Indo European theories.
–Vedic scriptures are been misinterpreted & people give stupid examples from Gita.
Kureshtra – One word for Kuru is body.
Misinterpretation – Kurushtra is our body/Feild of work
Pandavas – also means five senses, we need to full fill our senses desires.
Kuravas – evil powers, crises, problems in life that we need to come over.
This is how Gita is misinterpreted.
An engineer writing a book on treating cancer patients, will that be certified/Authorised? No!
A student talking about law cant be called a lawyer same way those who Translates Gita & other vedic scriptures like Mac Culley, Max Muller & many Bhartiya Karmakandis misinterpreting our vedic text to full fill their personal desire & earn their name but the proof can be reviled easily, for example the word Kureshtra.
Proof 1 – There is a Station named as Kureshtra (Haryana) Proof 2 – The same Banayan tree which was present at the time of Mahabharata where Sri Krishna gave Gita updesh to Arjuna & this tree sometimes cries in separation with the divine deity almighty Sri Krishna. Proof 3 – Noida was known as Khandavprasht in the early days. Proof 4 – Delhi was known as Indraprastha & Many more proof can be shared but these many are more than enough to prove the fake teachings of few Karmakandi acharyas & Westerners wrong. Proof 5 – There are Historical evidence proved by the Government, the Archeology team about the place were Pandavas were present once.Picture attached – 50,000 documents out of which 30,000 manuscripts dating from as early as the 9th century are written on traditional Nepali paper, palm leaf, birch-bark or different kinds of colour-coated Nepali paper. A number of manuscripts are written in gold or silver ink. The texts in the collection are in different languages and scripts, most commonly Nepali, Sanskrit, Newari, Tibetan, Maithili, Hindi, and Avadhi. Some of the texts take the form of legends or myths, moral stories, dramas, or hymns; while others contain relating to astrology, medicine, philosophy, religion, and the like.

sanskrit and artificial intelligence nasa

Do we still need the British Education system?

1) After Sanskrit language got ruined it was given one freedom, i.e – any new word can be added to this language for example Telephone in Sanskrit is called Dur Dhwani Yantra, Railway in Sanskrit is called Railyan etc. By making use of new words it was easy for them to make their own stories & add it in our scriptures.
2) They removed Phonetics from Sanskrit Language due to which few signs are disappearing from our Sanskrit language, many words are been pronounced in a wrong way from a vedic point of view but are right if taken as a manipulated language & few years later they introduced Phonetics in English Language with only few words.
3) Sanskrit is the only Language in the world which is not been thought in Sanskrit but via other languages, Sanskrit in Schools & colleges are been thought in Roman language or depending on what is the main school language. This ruined the beauty of writing & reading Sanskrit presently, student who are PHD holders in Sanskrit language cant even write one page in pure Devnagri language or cant read the most simplest page from any Devnagri book. Here they got one more victory & even presently 99% schools & colleges teaches Sanskrit in other language than Sanskrit or Devanagari.
These were the dark truth of our country but Sanatan Dharma’s one feature is TRUTH which never changes either today nor tomorrow. Truth remains truth.
1) NASA got one whole team working on 60 pages of Manuscript in Sanskrit language & they achieved a lot many ideas which might soon be revealed, just few months back they had send few VEDIC HYMES within our Cosmos & those Vedic hymes returned with 1000 times Positive Vibration. (Some kind of divine Energy)
2) In the year 2008 Forbes Magazine the NASA team says – Sanskrit is the only language without errors & is the best for COMPUTERS, they even plan for super computers in the late 2050’s which works on Sanskrit & so many Schools in UK also got Sanskrit as one of their language.
3) There are many young generation very enthu to learn Sanskrit because Sanskrit is FUTURE, there would be a time when Sanskrit would be made compulsory in each & every education centers if it is made a computer Language, we hope to see this days which would get our history back.
4) Germans were impressed with Upanishads, Hitler had the best Warcraft weapons & he got most of the knowledge from our Vedic Scriptures, its been said he also discovered the Black Hole which is path way to 7 hellish planet mentioned in the Padma Puran. The Nazi sign was indeed the mirror image of Swastika.
5) The vedic roots are spread world wide, just google 2 things. Labyrinth & Swastika. Labyrinth is a Chakravyu, a formation in a battle field which was once formed at the time of Mahabharata by guru Dronacharya, the design is been found world wide & even Swastika symbol is been found world wide in different patters.
Devanagari means the words of Dev/Gods, the most purest language which would remain until the Universe or any creation exist. Sanskrit would never extent.

Sanskrit world Wide.

In this UK School it is compulsory to learn Sanskrit & the students from Sanskrit Background got much more intelligence than students from non Sanskrit language schools.
Boston University
Colmbia University
& many more Schools & University world wide practice this divine language of the Gods.
||HaRe KriShnA|