A vast concept called Vastu-The Indian angle to architectural perspective


Our earth works on certain natural principles. In India the ancient science of Vastu shastra has existed for many centuries. The long forgotten principles now are back in fashion. The principles can be applied to any structure and is a way of life for several Indian families. Just like the Feng Shui spirit rules China, the Vastu principles rule India. Vastu has several benefits for the people living in a home and at work place. The idea is to create a harmonious balance between the natural elements. Vastu’s vast concept deals with peace of mind, which direction is the home/office facing, Brahmasthan, balancing energies, focus on studies, success of stairways, extensions, right days to do important things and entrance to the house.

The 4 directions

East– it is the seat of Lord Indra. It is controlled by the fire element. This is the reason why open spaces are left to let sunrays enter. If the sunrays come, the wealth creation is possible. The people living in this property get name and fame along with the wealth. If this space is cluttered and full the opposite things happen.

West– Pawan (air God) rules this direction. People lead normal lives when main entrance of home faces this direction. But the goddess of wealth keeps one working hard all the time.

North-If the door opens in this direction then there is money, name and fame also. Goddess Laxmi blesses the residents in such homes. This is the most auspicious opening for the home’s entry door. When vacant plots are purchased try to get an opening in this direction.

South– It is the heaviest and earthy direction. It belongs to Lord Yama. This portion is important for meditation, education and disciple. If the main entrance faces the south the residents will have enemies and people will be sick.

A few principles that can be applied

  1. When the incline of the plot should face the north or east the residents for prosperity and happiness.
  2. The middle portion of the building or hoe should remain vacant to increase wealth.
  3. The roof of verandah of the house should bend in the eastern direction.
  4. All water outlets should be in eastern side to ensure males are in good health.
  5. Do not keep garbage and dustbins in the eastern section of the house.
  6. The main door should always be larger than the other doors in the house.
  7. When the main door is to be built it is divided into 9 equal zones. The main door is fixed from the 4th zone on the right side and stretches up to the 6th zone on the left while facing the house.
  8. One main door should not face exactly opposite to the next-door neighbor.
  9. No underground tank should be located on the main entrance.
  10. Do not install self-closing doors. Teak wood material is the best for making the main door.

How to take advantage of vastu shastra ?

There are several aspects of life that can be enriched and also enhanced keeping vastu principles in mind. The main principles deal with the 8 directions and the 5 elements that are present in nature. Each direction is governed by different rules to maximize the potential of the place. The 8 directions represent the forces that apply to the things in life and getting the right energy in these corners. This gives the entire benefit to the people living in the place.

The foundation of vastu is on the panchbhootas (fire, air, ether, space and water). These tattvas need to be well balanced so one can realize the ultimate aim of spiritual life. The need to be complaint with the elements and the directions mean that humans need to be in harmony with nature rather than changing it to suit their purpose. It is now that people have accepted that for a better life one should have a vastu complaint home or office. When the home and office are balanced there are no fights, politics and no one leaves the property in acrimony. The cosmic, lunar and the solar energies can really powerful when the principles of Vastu shastra are applied.

Limitations of Vaastu

It is not possible to follow all the rules and regulations while making buildings in certain plots and areas. There are limitations but there are other ways to make Vastu work for the people living and working there. Every success cannot be measured in health or material wealth. At times spiritual benefits become more pronounced. But when the maximum principles are used, they work for the betterment of the residents. The negativity is replaced with positive vibrations.

Remedies for various doshas by experts

Many people will find that a fish aquarium is able to solve problems. It can be installed in the house or at the workplace. It adds to the lifestyle factor also. Most vastu principles are realistic but one needs to contact an expert who has knowledge of this science. Then only one can get prosperity, economical raise peace of mind. Putting a fish aquarium can remove certain defects. It tends to remove the negativity. If a fish dies, it indicates that it has taken away the negativity of the home. There are several other remedies recommended by this shastra. But only an expert or a firm that deals with the applications of principles should be used. It is good to acquire the knowledge of knowing how it works. When it has to be applied it is best to seek a consultant who has a good track record.

Vastu in today’s times

Many Indians still follow the ancient system to keep in good health and have good business. Till today factories, shops, residents and commercial complexes are made keeping the principles of vastu in mind. Many real estate builders prefer to build projects that will be vastu complaint and let the residents live in peace. The principles begin from the entrance of the home.  This is the entry point for all the gods and goddesses to enter the home.