7 promises of marriage in english

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Jun 1, 2019
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Here are the 7 promises of marriage in English:

The first vow is received by the bride from the groom. It mentions that Whenever you go for a pilgrimage trip then do take me along with you. Whenever you indulge in any task related to a donation, social service, fasting or sacred rituals then make me your equal partner in that. If you accept these vows then I am ready to be your wife
The way you respect and love your parents is praise worthy. If you accept that you will show the similar respect and love to my parents and follow all the family responsibilities then I accept to be your wife.
In the upcoming stages of life after marriage, you will have to take care of me, our children, our family members and even the animals living in our house. If you agree to do so then I accept to be your wife.
Till now you were free of all the responsibilities of the family. After marriage, the fulfillment of every requirement of the house will be on you. If you accept that then I will be your wife.
Every expenditure, investment or cash inflow related to the family needs to be consulted by me as well before you implement them. If you agree to do so then I accept being your wife.
Whenever I sit with my friends, family or any other known lady then you should not insult me. Apart from that your involvement in any kind of betting games or consumption of alcohol is not acceptable. If you agree to do so then I accept to be your wife.
Except for me, you should consider all the women in the existence as either your mother or sister. You should never keep any physical relationship with a lady other than me. Your love and respect for me should never diminish. If you accept to do so then I will be your wife.