Aditya hirudyam


May 1, 2019
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Aditya Hridayam

Sage Agastya advised Sri Ramachandra, when discouraged on the battlefield, to recite this Hymn in praise of Aditya, the Sun-god, to dispel the magical powers of Ravana, a demon drunk with power (symbolic of our rajasic ego), to gain victory over darkness and to regain the joy of light.

Tato Yuddha Parishraantam Samarae Chintayaa Sthitam Raavanam Chaagrito Dristvaa Yuddhaaya SamupasthitamThe all-knowing Sage Agastya, who had come and joined the gods to witness the fierce battle, saw Rama lost in deep thought, discouraged, utterly exhausted and yet facing Ravana who was ready for a fresh encounter. He spoke to him thus:
Daivataischa Samaagamya
Dristum Abhyaagato Ranam
Upaagamyaa Braveed Raamam
Agastyo Bhagavaan Rishihi

The all-knowing Sage Agastya, who had come and joined the gods to witness the fierce battle, saw Rama lost in deep thought, discouraged, utterly exhausted and yet facing Ravana who was ready for a fresh encounter. He spoke to him thus:
3Raama Raama Mahaabaaho
Shrinu Guhyam Sanaatanam
Yena Sarvaan Areen Vatsa
Samarae Vijayishyasi
Oh Rama, mighty-armed Sri Rama, listen to this eternal secret whereby you shall vanquish in battle all your foes.
4Aaditya-hridayam Punyam
Sarva-shatru Vinaashanam
Jayaavaham Japae Nityam
Akshayam Paramam Shivam
This holy hymn to the presiding deity of the Sun, if chanted fervently, will result in the destruction of all your enemies and bring you victory and unending supreme felicity.
5Sarva Mangala-maangalyam
Sarva-paapa Pranaashanam
Chintaa-shoka Prashamanam
Aayurvardhanam Uttamam
It is supreme in that it is guarantee of all-round prosperity, destroyer of all sin, allayer of anxiety and anguish and bestower of longevity.
6Rashmimantam Samudyantam
Pujayaswa Vivaswantam
Bhaaskaram Bhuvaneshvaram
Do thou worship with this hymn the one Sun held in veneration by Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons), possessed of golden colored rays when he has wholly risen in the morning, who eclipses as it were other luminous bodies by his appearance on the firmament, the resplendent Lord of the universe by whose effulgence all else brightens.
7Sarva Devaatmako Hyaesha
Tejasvee Rashmi-bhaavanaha
Aeva Devaasura Ganaan
Lokaan Paati Gabhastibhihi
He verily represents the totality of all celestial beings. He is self-luminous and is the sustainer of all with his rays. He protects the inhabitants of all the worlds as well as the race of the Devas and Asuras with rays that nourish and energize.
8Aesha Brahmaacha Vishnuscha
Shivaha Skandaha Prajaapatihi
Mahendro Dhanadaha Kaalo
Yamaha Somo Hyapaam Patihi
He (the presiding deity of the Sun) is indeed all these--Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the sustainer; Siva, the destroyer; Skanda, the annihilator of all foes; Prajapati, Lord of all creatures; Mahendra, the King of the celestial beings; Kubera, the dispenser of riches; Kaala, the Lord of Time; Yama, the Lord of Death; Soma, the one that nourishes; and the Lord of the Waters, Varuna.
9Pitaro Vasavaha Saadhyaa
Ashvinou Maruto Manuhu
Vaayurvahnihi Prajaa Praana
Ritukartaa Prabhaakaraha
He is also the Pitrs, the ancestral Manes; the Vasus, the eight dispersers of treasures; the Sadhyas, yogis turned semidivine; the twin Aswini Devas, the celestial physicians; the Maruts (also celestial beings); Manu, the all-knowing and the primeval Sovereign; Vayu, the wind god; Agni, the god of fire; the vital air, sustaining from within in all created beings; the maker of the six seasons by virtue of his alternating forms of energy (heat, light, etc.), and essentially the source of all light, the awakener of knowledge.
10Aadityaha Savitaa Suryaha
Khagaha Pooshaa Gabhastimaan
Suvarna Sadrisho Bhaanur
Hiranya-raeta Divaakaraha
The Sun is the son of Aditi (the mother of all Devas), the creator of the universe, the inspirer of action, the courser in the heavens, the sustainer, the illuminator of the directions, the golden-hued brilliance, the golden Cosmic generative fluid, and the maker of the Day.
11Haridaswaha Sahasraarchihi
Timiron Mathanaha Shabhuhu
Tvastaa Maartaanda Amshumaan
He is the All-pervading one with rays countless, the power behind the seven sense organs (the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils and the tongue) and the dispeller of darkness (ignorance). He is the bestower of happiness and prosperity, inclusive of absolution; the remover of the misfortunes of his votaries; the infuser of life in the otherwise mundane egg of existence, and the Omnipresent being whose rays penetrate everywhere.
12Hiranya-garbhaha Shishiras
Tapano Bhaaskaro Ravihi
Agnigarbho Aditaehae Putraha
Shankhaha Shishira-naashanaha
He is the primordial one who has become the Trinity--Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra, the ambrosial soothing influence, the store-house of riches (Aisvarya), the usherer in of the Day, the great teacher of even Hiranyagarbha, the fire-wombed Narayana who has the fire of doom within Himself; the son of Aditi, felicity that is supreme and vast like the expanse, and the remover of intellectual stupor or evil-mindedness.
13Vyoma-naathas Tamo-bhedee
Rig-yajus-saama Paaragaha
Ghana Vrishtir Apaam Mitro
Vindhya-veethi Plavamgamaha
e is the Lord of the firmament; the Dispeller of darkness; the Master par excellence of the three Vedas--Rig, Yajur and Sama; He from whom comes the downpour of rain, the great dispenser of the fruits of karma; the friend of the waters (fig., the friend and benefactor of the pureminded), and the one who with one bound crossed the Vindhya range; who sports in the Brahma Nadi.
14Aatapee Mandalee Mrityuhu
Pingalaha Sarva-taapanaha
Kavir Vishvo Mahaatejaa
Raktaha Sarva Bhavodbhavaha
He is the one intensely absorbed in creating the cosmos, with form circular (fig., adorned with gems Kaustubha and the like); He is the inflicter of death (fig., destroyer of impediments); He is the yellow-colored one (rising sun) (fig., the motive force of the Pingala Nadi inducing action); He is the destroyer of all; He is the Omniscient one whose form is the universe (fig., the sustainer of the universe); and who is exceedingly energetic, the beloved of all and the generator of all action.
Adhipo Vishwa Bhaavanaha
Tejasaamapi Tejasvee
Dwaadashaatman Namostutae
He is the Lord of stars, planets and constellations and the origin of everything in the universe, the resplendent cause of the luster of even the brilliant ones such as the sun, etc., the one sentient being manifest in the twelve forms of the Sun. Salutations to Thee.
16Namaha Purvaaya Girayae
Paschimaa Yaadrayae Namaha
Jyothir-ganaanam Patayae
Dinaadhi Patayae Namaha
Salutations to the presiding deity of the Eastern mountain where the sun rises and the Western mountain where it sets; salutations to the Lord of the stellar bodies and also to the Lord of Day.
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May 1, 2019
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17.Jayaaya Jayabhadraaya Haryashvaaya Namo Namaha Namo Namaha Sahasraamsho Aadityaaya Namo NamahaSalutations unto Him that ordains victory in the quest after liberation and unto Him possessed of yellow steeds; salutations to the thousand-rayed Lord (fig., of whose Part are the thousands of souls) and to Aditya, salutations again.
18.Namaha Ugraaya Veeraaya Saarangaaya Namo Namaha Namaha Padma Prabodhaaya Maartaandaaya Namo NamahaSalutations to the terrible one who is relentless to those who do not keep their senses under control; the hero who ably directs his powers in purposeful achievement such as the prowess in slaying Tripura, etc., the one that traverses fast (fig., leading quickly to the realization of Pranava, OM); salutations to the one whose emergence makes the lotus blossom (fig., the awakener of the lotus in the heart), and to the fierce and Omnipotent one.
19.Brahma Eshaana Achyuta Eshaaya Suryaaya Aaditya-varchasae Bhaaswatae Sarva-bhakshaaya Raudraaya Vapushae NamahaSalutations to the Over-Lord of Brahma, Siva and Achyuta, the creator, destroyer and protector respectively; salutations to the powerful and to the intrinsic effulgence in the Sun that is at once the illuminator and the devourer of all and is of a form that is fierce like that of Rudra.
20.Tamoghnaaya Himaghnaaya
Shatrughnaaya Amitaatmanae
Kritaghnaghnaaya Devaaya
Jyotishaam Patayae Namaha
Salutations to the transcendental Atman that dispels darkness, drives away all fear that grips like cold and destroys foes, both internal and external; salutations also to the annihilator of the ungrateful and to the Lord that rules over all stellar bodies.
21Tapta Chaameekaraabhaaya
Vahnayae Vishwakarmanae
Namas Tamobhi Nighnaaya
Ruchayae Loka-saakshinae
Salutations to the Lord shining like molten gold; salutations to the transcendental fire, the fire of supreme knowledge; salutations to the architect of the universe; salutations to the destroyer of darkness, and salutations again to the effulgent sentience that is also the cosmic witness.
22.Naashayatyaesha Vai Bhutam
Tadaeva Srijati Prabhuhu
Paayatyaesha Tapatyaesha
Varshatyaesha Gabhastibhihi
Salutations to the Lord who destroys everything that was and creates them all again; salutations to Him who by His rays consumes the waters, heats them up into water vapor and send them down again as rain.
23Aesha Suptaeshu Jaagarti
Bhutaeshu Parinistithaha
Aesha Aevaagni Hotramcha
Phalam Chaivaagni Hotrinaam
Salutations to the Lord who abides in the heart of all beings keeping awake even when they are asleep. He is both sacrificial fire and the fruit enjoyed by the worshipers thereof.
24.Vedaascha Kritavaschaiva
Kritunaam Phalamaevacha
Yaani Krityaani Lokaeshu
Sarva Aesha Ravihi Prabhuhu

(now the fruit of this prayer is explained)
The sun is indeed the Lord of all action in this universe. He is verily the Vedas, the sacrifices ordained therein and the fruits thereof.
25.Aenamaapatsu Kricchaeshu
Kaantaraeshu Bhayaeshucha
Keertayan Purushaha Kaschin
Aavaseedati Raaghava
Oh Raghava, he who recites this hymn in times of peril, during affliction, while lost in the wilderness and when beset with fear, will not lose heart.

Pujayasvainam Aekaagro
Deva-devam Jagatpatim
Aetat Trigunitam Japtvaa
Yuddhaeshu Vijayishyasi
Worship thou, Oh Raghava, this God of all gods, the almighty Lord of the universe, with one-pointed devotion. Reciting this hymn thrice you shall emerge victorious in battle.
27.Asmin Kshanae Mahaabaaho
Raavanam Tvam Vadhishyasi
Aeva Muktvaa Tadaagastyo
Jagaamacha Yathaagatam
This very moment, oh mighty-armed one, you shall triumph over Ravana. Having spoken thus, Agastya returned whence he had come.
28.Aetachrutvaa Mahaatejaa
Nasta Shoko Bhavat Tadaa
Dhaarayaamaasa Supreeto
Raaghavaha Prayataatmavaan
Having heard this, the illustrious Raghava became free from worry. He felt himself fortified, full of ardor and greatly pleased.
29.Aadityam Praekshya Japtvaatu
Param Harsha-mavaaptavaan
Triraachamya Shuchir-bhutvaa
Dhanuraadaaya Veeryavaan
Gazing intently at Aditya and reciting the hymn, he experienced supreme felicity. Purifying himself after sipping water thrice, the mighty one took up his bow.

Raavanam Praekshya Hrishtaatmaa
Yuddhaaya Samupaagamat
Sarva Yatnaena Mahataa
Vadhaetasya Dhritobhavat
Seeing Ravana in front of him, he was delighted and came forth to fight. He put forth all his great effort determined on annihilating Ravana.

Atha Ravi-ravadan-niraekshya Raamam
Mudita Manaaha Paramam Prahrishyamaanaha
Nishicharapati-samkshayam Viditvaa
Suragana-madhya-gato Vachastvaraeti

Etyaarshae Srimad Raamaayane
Vaalmikiyae Aadikaavyae
Yuddha-kaandae Panchaadhika
Shathatamaha Sargaha

Then knowing that the destruction of the lord of the prowlers at night was at hand, Aditya the Sun, the central figure in the assembly of the Devas, looked at Rama with mind filled with delight and exclaimed 'HURRY UP!'
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