Bhrigu-Valli (Taitareyopanishad)


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Apr 28, 2019
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Brahmanand Valli (Taitareyopanishad) < ------------------------------------ > Bhrigu-Valli (Taitareyopanishad)


Sage Bhrigu was the son of Varuna. Out of curiosity to realize the cosmic spirit went to his father Varuna and said: O Lord! I want to realize the cosmic spirit. Please explain to me the secret of divinity.

Varuna said: " O Son! The path towards realization of the cosmic spirit is food, breath, eyes, ears, mind and the speech. The supreme God evinces himself in these forms. Try to understand all those forces and elements from which all creatures take birth, perform all their duties and dissolute at the time of final annihilation. That force itself is Brahma.


Sage Bhrigu realized through penance and by the sermons of his father that 'food' is itself 'Brahma' because all take birth from food, they are nourished by food and finally dissolute into food i.e. earth. In this way he told his father what he had realized. Listening to his son's comprehension, Varuna did not utter a word. But with continued insistence by Bhrigu, Varuna said- Try to attain Brahma through penance, penance itself is Brahma.


Sage Bhrigu did penance according to his father's instructions and inferred that 'prana' itself is Brahma. He came back and told his father what he construed. He did not get a reply so he again requested his father for guidance. Varuna said- Try to realize god through penance, penance itself is Brahma.


Bhrigu again did penance and realized that the mind is Brahma. Displeased by this comprehension, Varuna told Bhrigu to do penance. Bhrigu again did penance and realized that happiness itself is Brahma.

In such a manner Bhrigu realized, one by one, the essence of the divine cosmic spirit and all his curiosity ceased to exist.


One, who knows divine cosmic spirit, establishes himself in divinity. He fulfills all his desires or rather transcends all of them. He becomes brilliant and radiant with the effulgence of realization.

A person who even realizes the material aspect of Brahma is bestowed with virtues by contemplation and devotion.


The greatness of service towards a guest is narrated in the tenth chapter. We should never displease or dishonoour a guest. We should respect a guest, talking politely and offering him hospitality in the form of food, water etc. A person is bestowed with everything who serves the guest with devotion and respect.

We should contemplate on the all pervasive form of God. It is the power of God that a blessing can protect us. Desire to attain, acquire things to lead a normal life and the energy of self protection both are fractions of that divinity. The energy to work with hands, to walk is the energy bestowed upon us by God.


A person, who demands respect and honour should firstly respect and propitiate the venerable God. Doing so, he shall definitely become respectable and honourable. A person who wants to fulfill different desires with different aims and methods himself becomes worthy of propitiation. All the desires come into his control. Propitiation of God is finally the worship of one and only one, the cosmic divine spirit.

A person, who is desirous, does not follow this and keeps supplicating the different gods and is always devoid of the real benefit.

CONCLUSION: The Shruti in the concluding Valli (chapter) of the Taitareyopanishad states that the all pervasive, almighty cosmic soul is the only truth which is constant and not prone to changes. He dwells in the inner soul of each and every being. The person who realizes Him is blessed with all the powers. Such a person transcends this ocean of material life and finally gets liberated and speaks the following with a pure heart- It is surprising that, it is only that cosmic soul that is responsible for the union of living beings and material things. I am not separate from that divine spirit. I am the one who has detached himself from all this ephemeral material objects. Before my greatness, this all is absolutely despicable and worthless. All the things which are lustrous are simply a fraction of my radiance. One, who realizes the cosmic spirit, attains this state of consciousness.
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