Funny Son Jokes In English

Apr 30, 2019
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When my son was six years old, he loved to wrestle with me before his nightly bedtime story. Once, when I came home sick and went to bed early, my wife intercepted Micheal on his way to my bedroom. My wife explained that Daddy wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t want to wrestle.
"Oh, yes, he does," replied Micheal. "Because I asked, and he said it was the last thing he wanted to do today."

-George Partlow

When our three sons were small, one of them had difficulty counting. I tried to help by tearing up small pieces of paper and giving one piece to each boy, saying, " Pretend these are ice creams." Then I collected the papers one at a time, counting"one," then "two," " then …" "Where’s yours, Richard?"
"I’ve eaten it," he replied.

-Val Brown, Australia.

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