How was our Vedic Text misinterpreted?


May 1, 2019
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Max Muller studied Sanskrit for 12 years & played this game to break the rich culture of India, What exactly he did?

Sanskrit – Sanskrit is a very vast language which got more than 250 words just to define water so it was easy to manipulate our Vedic text for example.

Ex. 1 Hindi text
Anil Sharma, Gaya.
Anil, Sharma Gaya

Same words used but just by shifting commas we get 2 different meanings, one says about going another says about feeling shy.

Ex. 2 English text
Hang him! Not let him go!
Hang him not! Let him go!

Same words used but by making use of exclamation one sentence talks about death another about freedom.

GODISNOWHERE is one word but when we break into pieces it sounds

One word with 2 opposite meanings.

Ex.3 Sanskrit text

Ekona Vimsati striyanam snatham sarayu gataha Vimsati punaragatha Eko vyaghrena bhaksitah

Meaning -
Ekona Vimsati – 19, Striyanam – womens, Snatham – Bathe, Sarayu – River sarayu, Gataha – in order to, Vimsati – 20, Punaragatha – returning, Eko – 1, Vyaghrena – tiger, Bhaksitah – eaten.

Translation - 19 women’s in order to take a bath in river sarayu 20 returned & one was eaten by a tiger.

How is this possible when 19 women’s went for a bath & 20 returned?
Misinterpreted text

Ekona Vimsati – 19 but when Ekona is made in 2 words it would turn to.
Eko-na – 1 man or 1 less in vimsati (20) = 19

This is how our Vedic scriptures are been misinterpreted & people give stupid examples from Gita, Like.
Kureshtra – One word for Kuru is body, Misinterpretation – Kurushtra is our body/Feild of work

Pandavas – also means five senses, we need to full fill our senses desires.

Kuravas – evil powers, crises, problems in life that we need to come over.

This is how Gita is misinterpreted.

An engineer writing a book on treating cancer patients, will that be certified/Authorised? No!

A student talking about law cant be called a lawyer same way those who Translates Gita & other vedic scriptures like Mac Culley, Max Muller & many Bhartiya Karmakandis misinterpret ting our vedic text to full fill their personal desire & earn their name but the proof can be reviled easily, for example the word Kureshtra.

Proof 1 - There is a Station named as Kureshtra (Haryana)
Proof 2 – The same Banayan tree which was present at the time of Mahabharata where Sri Krishna gave Gita updesh to Arjuna & this tree sometimes cries in separation with the divine deity almighty Sri Krishna (Picture attached).
Proof 3 – Noida was known as Khandavprasht in the early days
Proof 4 – Delhi was known as Indraprastha & Many more proof can be shared but these many are more than enough to prove the fake teachings of few Karmakandi acharyas & Westerners wrong.

Hare Krishna (From a lecture of HH Gaur Gopal Prabhu)

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