Kaikayee And Dashrath


Apr 28, 2019
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Those two demands stunned Dashrath. He could not believe that Kaikayee would make such a harsh demand.

Kaikayee then said: "Is Bharat not your son? Am I not your wife? If my demands have troubled you so much, then you should have been thoughtful enough while granting me two boons."

King Dashrath then said:

"O Dear, why do you say like this? Both Bharat and Rama are like my two eyes. I will definitely send a messenger to summon Bharat in the morning. I will also make Bharat the king of Ayodhya. Rama does not have greed for the crown and he loves Bharat very much. Since Rama is the eldest among all the brothers, I thought that it would be appropriate to crown him as the king."

Dashrath then agreed to crown Bharat as the king but at the same time showed his reluctance to send Rama into exile.

But Kaikayee did not relent. She said:

"Either grant me those two boons as per your promise or be prepared to face infamy for not keeping your words. If Rama is not sent into exile before dawn then I would give up my life and only you would be blamed for it".

Dashrath could not bear separation from Rama. He called out Rama's name in a choked voice.

But Kaikayee's heart did not melt. She said:
"Crying like a woman doesn't befit you. Either send Rama into exile or step back from your promise and face disgrace.You have no other choice."

At dawn, the subjects of Ayodhya had gathered at the palace to witness Rama’s coronation. But to their amazement, the palace was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere and there was no sign of Rama's coronation.

Sumant went to Kaikayee’s private chamber to find out the reason.


When Sumant entered the Kopa-Bhavan he was very much distressed to see Dashrath’s condition. Kaikayee told Sumant that Dashrath had not taken a sound sleep the previous night as he kept worrying about Rama. Hence Rama should be summoned at once. Sumant sensed some foul play but did not utter anything and moved out of the Kopa-Bhavan to summon Rama.

When Rama saw Sumant coming he stood up in reverence and offered his respects. Sumant told him about Dashrath’s command and asked Rama to come along with him to Kaikayee’s Kopa-Bhavan. Sri Rama saw Dashrath lying on the floor.

Rama then asked Kaikayee about the reason for Dashrath's worry. Kaikayee narrated the whole story. She also said that Dashrath would only recover if he obeyed his command renouncing the throne and accepting an exile for the fourteen years.

Sri Rama thought it appropriate to accept the exile as it would give him an opportunity to meet the sages and hermits in the forests. He said to Kaikayee:

"Mother, Bharat's coronation gives me immense joy. But I don’t consider it as a reason behind my father’s sorrow. Perhaps I must have committed some crime, which you are unwilling to tell me."

As this conversation between Kaikayee and Sri Rama was on, Dashrath came around. Sri Rama then said to Dashrath:

"O Father, why are you worried for such a petty matter. As I have already received your command to go into exile, now I have to take permission from mother Kaushalya."

The news of Rama’s going into exile spread like wild fire. Every one was shocked and stunned. The elderly ladies of Ayodhya came to Kaikayee to convince her and to change her mind. They said:

"Let Bharat become the king of Ayodhya, but do not force Rama to go into exile."

But nothing could make Kaikayee to change her decision.


After making salutations to Kaushalya, Rama sought her permission for going into exile for fourteen years.

Kaushalya was shocked at this sudden development. She said to Rama:

"Your father had always been admiring you. I do not understand the objective behind your departure to forest."

Then Sri Rama narrated the whole story.

Kaushalya said to Sri Rama:

"If it is only the command of your father, then considering the superiority of mother’s status, follows her command of not going to forest. But if both your father and Kaikayee wish that you should go to the forest, then follow their command. But do not forget to show me your face after you return."

When Sita learnt about the news of Rama going to exile, she too expressed her desire of going along with him. Sri Rama tried to dissuade her telling about the hardships of forest life, but it had no effect on Sita.


When Laxmana learnt about this news, he also came running and fell at Sri Rama’s feet. He said, "This body is meant only for your service. I have considered you greater than even my father and mother. For me you are my father and mother. How can you leave me."

Sri Rama asked him to take permission from his mother Sumitra.

Laxmana went to Sumitra and after paying his respect sought her permission. He also narrated the whole story. Sumitra became sad at the prospect of Laxmana going to the forest, but she ultimately said-

"Son Laxmana, if Rama and Sita are going to the forest then you too must go along with them. There is no use of your staying in Ayodhya. You are very lucky that you are getting an opportunity of being along with Sri Rama.

Laxmana became very pleased when he got Sumitra’s permission. Sri Rama, Sita and Laxmana then came to seek the blessings of Dashrath.

Sumant told Dashrath about their arrival. He helped him to sit down. All the three made salutations to Dashrath. After that Sri Rama sought his permission to depart-
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