Karma and Gunas :- How does Karma relate to the Gunas ?


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Apr 28, 2019
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The false ego, ahankara hides the soul, allowing karma to enslave the soul in the quagmire of the gunas. Karma glues the soul to the gunas.

Ahankara places us in the car. Karma steers that car onto either a cow path, a city street or a superhighway. These roads are the gunas.

Karma represents what is required to get free of the gunas. When karma is done and all lessons are learned, with the merciful bath complete we leave the gunas behind; the Supersoul is reached. When Sri Krsna lifts the veil of ahankara we step out of the car; the gunas are gone as heaven and earth fall away, and we can finally see clearly from the position of our eternal self in the Kingdom of God.

If you will, karma is ahankara on wheels, wheels that run on the gunas. Karma is ahankara in action, action that takes place in the gunas. Karma is the 'why' and guna is the 'where'.

How do we kill these gunas, this karma, the ahankara? Tracing back ahankara we can find no beginning in this world. What is its source? Really karma and guna are simply its agents. It is the real enemy of the eternal soul. It is the virus, the pandemic black foe. Kill ahankara, then karma and guna will lose their grasp on us. They won't even exist.


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Jan 15, 2023
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  • Karma is an Action or voluntary inaction, which automatically carries its own outcome (Karma Phala).
  • Repeated Karmic action, for example drinking coffee each day, will become Samskara.
  • Repeated Samskara will become Vasana
  • This Vasana and its Samskaras get carried over various lifetimes.
  • In each life, these Vasanas dictate one's Psychological Compulsions/temperaments/propensities which are called Swabhavas.
  • Further actions (Karma) performed based on Swabhava will fortify that Swabhava and make it stronger and stronger.
  • Hence, action (karma) has to be done based on one's dharma and not based on one's Swabhava.
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