Killing Of King Baali


Apr 28, 2019
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Sri Raghunath went along with Sugreeva towards Pampapuri where Sugreeva challenged Baali. Tara - the wife of Baali advised him against accepting the challenge as Sugreeva was being aided by Sri Rama and Laxmana. She also warned him that both the brothers Sri Rama and Laxmana were the embodiment of radiance and power.

Baali assured her not to worry as even if he was killed by Sri Rama, it would be a cause of celebration and joy for him. Saying this, Baali ran ferociously towards Sugreeva and punched him hard. Sugreeva ran towards Sri Rama. He begged Sri Rama to save his life.

Sri Raghunath then moved his hands over the body of Sugreeva, as a result of which all his pain disappeared. Sri Rama then put a garland around the neck of Sugreeva so that he could be easily distinguished from Baali during the fight. He also blessed him by transferring some of his own powers to Sugreeva.

Sugreeva fought for a very long time on this occasion but when he realized that he would not be able to kill Baali, he tried to run away. Right then, Sri Rama who was watching their fight hiding behind a palm tree, shot an arrow, which pierced the heart of Baali.

Baali fell on the ground and it was only then that he saw Rama standing behind the tree. He asked Sri Rama- "Lord you have taken incarnation to protect virtuousity and religiousness. But why did you kill me from your hidden position?

MEIN BAIRI SUGREEVHI PYAARA| KAARAN KAUN NAATH MOHI MAARA||What makes Sugreev your beloved friend and me your enemy? For what reason, O Lord you killed me?"

Sri Raghunath said -
"O fool Baali, the wife of younger brother is considered as a sister and the wife of son is considered like own daughter. There is no sin in killing such a person who lears the wife of his younger brother or son."

Baali replied-

"Lord! How can I be called a fool. At the time of my death, I am fortunate enough to have your divine sight. Even the sages pine to have your divine sight at their end and observe severe penance and austerities for ages and die in vain. They do not even get an opportunity to chant your name at the time of their death."

Sri Rama felt very much pleased by his reply. Though man faces tremendous pain at the time of his death but Baali did not experience it because of Sri Rama's blessings.

When Baali's wife Tara came to know about his death she wailed in grief. Seeing Tara wailing, Sri Rama consoled her preaching her about the transient state of the physical body and the permanence of the soul.

Tara's attachment due to ignorance was over now.

Then Sri Rama instructed Sugreeva to perform the last rites of his brother. Sri Rama also instructed Laxmana to crown Sugreeva as the king of Pampapuri and Angad, the son of Baali as the heir to the throne.

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