Sugreev Crowned As King


Apr 28, 2019
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Laxmana then called the Brahmins and crowned Sugreev as the king. Angad the son of Baali was declared to be the prince.
Sri Rama preached Sugreev on the finer aspects of statesmanship. He also told him that as per the command of his late father, he wouldn't be visiting the cities and villages for the next fourteen years. He advised Sugreev to rule justly. Then Sri Rama along with Laxmana went to live at Pravarshan Mountain. The deities had made a cave on this Mountain for Sri Rama and Laxmana well in advance.

The rainy season had arrived. The peacocks danced with joy seeing the brooding clouds, frogs croaked merrily. For four months, it continued to rain with little intervals. Though the whole nature turned lush green because of rains, but Sri Rama felt gloomy. Separation of Sita had taken away every joy from Him. Like this, the rainy season passed and autumn arrived. Sri Rama was worried that such a long time had passed and still there was no trace of Sita. He was getting restless. He was also getting angry with Sugreev that he had also forgotten him after becoming the king. Sri Rama got so angry with Sugreev that he expressed his desire of killing him with the same arrow he had used to kill Baali.

When Laxmana saw the anger of Sri Rama, he too became very angry. But Sri Rama advised him to bring Sugreev by just admonishing him. He instructed Laxmana not to kill Sugreev. When Laxmana brought Sugreev to Sri Rama, Sugreev realized his mistake of forgetting Sri Rama, and felt sorry for that.

He then instructed Hanumana to send the messenger in all directions and to bring the news of Sita within fifteen days.

Angad told Sugreev that search of Sita could be accomplished by Hanumana only and nobody else, because only Hanumana was well familiar with all the caves, all the mountains, all the forests and oceans. Sugreev then instructed Hanumana to find out the whereabouts of Sita. Hanumana then gathered all the monkeys and went to Sri Rama to seek his permission.

When Sri Rama came to know that Hanumana and his companions were going in search of Sita, he blessed them for successful accomplishment of their mission. Sri Rama also gave his ring to Hanumana.

Now Hanuman and his army of monkeys moved in search of Sita. They searched Sita in the caves of every mountain but did not find her. They became tired and thirsty. Now they started looking for water to quench their thirst.

Hanumana climbed on the peak of a mountain and saw the birds flying at a distance. He thought that there must be water present at that place. So, all the monkeys reached that spot. There, they saw a lady who was observing penance at the bank of a reservoir, which was situated amidst a beautiful garden.

Everybody greeted that lady. She asked about the reason for their arrival, they narrated the whole story of Sita's abduction. She instructed all of them to satisfy their hunger and quench eating the sweet fruits available in the garden and drinking the water of reservoir.

When all of them returned to that lady after satisfying their hunger, she introduced herself as Prabha, the daughter of a Gandharva. She assured everybody that Sita would definitely be found one day. She asked them to close their eyes for some time.

All of them closed their eyes. When they re-opened their eyes they found themselves at the seashore. Nobody could understand how it all happened. The lady went to Sri Rama and after making salutations, she eulogized him in many ways. Sri Rama became pleased by her devotion and blessed her sending her to 'Badrikashram'.

Hanumana, Angad and other monkeys were worried that even after the passing of so many days, there was still no clue of Sita's whereabouts. Angad was very sad because he knew that if they returned without Sita everyone would be killed by Sugreev.

Jambvant then consoled Angad saying that Rama was not an ordinary human being. He also said him not to worry, as everything would be resolved by Sri Rama's blessings.

Sampati - the Vulture was very pleased to see such a large gathering of the monkeys. He thought that these monkeys have been sent by God, so that his hunger could be satisfied. All the monkeys were terrified to see the giant size of Sampati. Jambvant thought that how would these monkey, who are terrified by a vulture, fight against the mighty Ravan.

Then praising Jatayu, Angad said - "No one has ever been as blessed as Jatayu, who gave up his life for the cause of Sri Rama." When Sampati heard about his brother Jatayu he came near to the monkeys. He requested them to tell everything in detail. Sampati then requested them to take him towards the sea, as he wanted to offer Teelanjali (offerings of sesame seeds) in honour of his dead brother. Sampati after performing the rite of Teelanjali narrated his story.

"Once both of us had a flying competition. While flying, we went higher and higher in the sky. Soon the intense heat of the sun began to torment us. I, therefore spread my wings to cover Jatayu who was not able to bear the heat of the sun. Thus I managed to save Jatayu but but got my wings burnt and fell down on the earth at the seashore. A sage Chandrama felt pity on my state and preached me on the futility of arrogance. He also said that in Tretayug almighty Lord will take incarnation. His wife Sita would be abducted by the demon king Ravan. Lord would send messengers in search of his wife, you would get a chance to meet him and your wings would be healed then."

"Then the sage told me that Ravan, the abductor of Sita, would be residing in Lanka."
"He also instructed me to tell the Lord that he would find Sita mourning in Ashokavatika."
After telling the monkeys where Sita was, Sampati also told them that only he, who could cross over the hundred Yojans wide ocean in just one leap, would accomplish Sri Rama's task.

Sampati's wings were healed. He flew away advising them to sort out means to reach Lanka. The army of monkeys was again in crisis. Though they were happy that at last they had come to know where Sita was, but now the problem was how to reach her. Jambvant said since he had grown old, so it was impossible for him to reach Lanka in one leap.

He said -"In my youth I had successfully circumambulated the giant stature of Vaman seven times in just two ghadis."

Angad said that he could definitely reach Lanka in one leap but doubted whether he could return back.

When Jambvant saw that there was nobody who could cross over the ocean, then he praised Hanumana -

"O Hanumana, why are you sitting quietly? You are the most powerful among all of us. You are the son of Pawan and you are as powerful as he is. Is there any task, which you can not accomplish? You have taken incarnation just for the cause of Sri Rama.

When Hanumana listened to all these from Jambvant he realized his latent strength. His body expanded like a mountain. Hanumana then asked Jambvant for his advice -

"O Jambvant, I seek your advice what should I do now."

Jambvant instructed him to just return back after seeing Sita in Ashok-Vatika. He said that the rest would be accomplished by Sri Rama himself with the help of the army of the monkeys.
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