Remedial Vastu


May 1, 2019
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If you feel any disturbances due to any Vastu Doosh in the house, we suggest you to kindly take following measures
General Disturbances

  • Put the auspicious pictures of Lord Ganesha or Godess Luxmi, both outside or inside the main gate of the house
  • Make sure no mirror facing bed is placed in the bedroom (including TV).
  • Keep the North East portion of the home clean & well lighted
  • Masters bedroom in the South East will result in family discord/disturbances, avoid it.
  • Financial Disturbances
  • Ensure you should not have any Godess Luxmi picture or statue in standing position in the house.
  • Ensure no leakage of water in the house
  • Keep water lobby outside the main gate with tortoise facing home, may be placed in water itself.

Remedial Vastu for Main Entrance
  • Eyes of the visitor are of the foremost importance, make sure you have nice design on the flooring in front of the main gate, which shall attract the eye of the visitor, without being looking here or there. That’s the reason of designing rangoli in western parts of the country.
  • In case you experience fast outflow of income, shall place a still water pond outside the main gate. Make sure the water is always clean & is facing the main entrance.
  • Having a tortoise in the still water pond is also going to help to large extent
  • Having auspicious symbols such as Swastika or Om on both the sides of the main gate will also result nice
Removal of all Vastu Dosh in home/office
  • Put a silver thread under the main entrance of the home or Office
  • For home categorically, if the karta (head) of the home takes bare-feet three rounds everyday in clockwise direction, starting from any Sunday under Shukla Paksha, the home will become a temple & all vastu related doshas will just be over.
  • Place with devotion, a five faced picture or idol of Lord Hanuman Ji, facing the main gate, all vastu doshas will be removed.
  • Remedial Vastu for Depression
If you feel depressed, if you do not feel like getting into your own home much check the following
  • Is your room situated in the south west, south east or north east.
  • Rooms largely in the south west or south east create family arguments, disputes, fights etc.
  • Kitchen in the north east also results into stress building
  • Toilet touching the east wall will always result into either family disputes, money loss or stress.
  • Overhead beams also result into stress building
  • Extension of he house in the south west or south west also result in increase of stress
  • Hang flutes or chimes under the beams
  • Always keep sea salt in the toilets
  • Make sure a small yellow light is always glowing in the toilet
  • Have a silver thread under the main door
  • Must blow sankh everyday morning
  • Burning of kapur will also help (once in a month)
  • Must pray daily
  • Have open space towards the north of the house
  • Allow natural ventilation in the house
  • Frequent use of TV, music systems, mobiles in the bed room also shall be avoided.

Remedial vastu for toilets

  • Place a small yellow light in toilet
  • Place some sea raw salt in the toilet & change it on weekly basis
  • Keep the door shut
  • Keep the toilet clean
  • Kindly see that no taps are liking
  • In case the water drainage is towards south, then the money outflow will be more than inflow. In that case place a purple ring in the toilet.

Remedial vastu for Temple

According to the Vastu Shastra, temple should not be placed in the bedroom, but if the space does not permit can place temple in the bedroom but with following precautions
  • Temple should not be placed in front of the mirror
  • Temple should be completely covered
  • Temple should be properly closed before you go to sleep
  • No loud music/tv shall be played in the room
  • Daily pooja is a must
  • Remedial vastu tips, if your kids are out of control

  • There should not be any hurdle in front of the main entrance.
  • There should not be stairs just in front of the children room.
  • Kid is nor keeping the picture of wild animals inside the room specially of tiger & lion.
  • Toilet is not in the ishaan corner of the kid’s room (north-east).
  • If the kids are coming late in night & are not listening, please see if there room is not in the North West Corner.
  • Must see the sleep with their head in the north.
  • Kids should not sleep on floor.

Remedial Vastu for Education

  • Study shall always be done either in west, east or north
  • The entrance of the study room shall never be from south
  • The entrance of the study shall be from north or east
  • Windows in the room are preferred in the east
  • The student shall face the north or east for study
  • The cupboards shall be clean & properly covered
  • Keep the crystal tree in the west
  • Special – Wrap a blue colored cellophane paper around a green bottle, fill it up with water & keep it under sun light for 3 hrs. Student can keep sipping this water while studying

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