Sita's Abduction


Apr 28, 2019
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When Ravan saw that Sita was alone in her hut, he arrived there disguised as a hermit. He begged for some alms. Sita tried to give whatever was available in the hermitage. But Ravan whose real intention was to abduct Sita refused to take it. He insisted Sita to give alms after crossing over the line.

As soon as Sita crossed the line drawn by Laxmana, Ravan showed his real identity. When he told Sita his name, she was terrified. But then she quickly regained her composure and warned Ravan. She said that a small rabbit cannot have desire of possessing a lioness. She also said that a crow can never match the might of a vulture and a river can never dream of becoming an ocean.

Ravan became furious. He forcibly carried Sita into his chariot and escaped through the aerial route.


All through the way, Sita kept wailing like a bird captured by a fowler and was lamenting- "O lord of the universe- Raghunath, why have you forgotten me? You make a man free of his sorrows. O Sun of the clan of Raghu, where are you? "

"O Laxmana, it is not your fault. Forgive me for my useless anger towards you. I am getting the fruits of my anger."

Even the birds and animals of areas surrounding Panchavati felt sorry when they heard the wails of Sita.

Jatayu too heard her cries and immediately recognized that it was the voice of Sri Raghunath's beloved Sita. Though Jatayu was old but still he decided to fight with the abductor of Sita.


Jatayu flew towards the Ravan’s chariot challenging him. It seemed that a large mountain was flying. Jatayu said to Ravan.

"O wicked man, stop at once, Don’t you know me?"

When Ravan heard the loud challenge, he looked in the direction of the voice and was amazed to see a large object coming towards him. For a moment he could not make it out what that object could be.

Only upon closr approach could Ravan recognize that it was none other then old Jatayu.

Jatayu warned Ravan about the consequences of his evil deed. He said-

"O Ravan, leave Sita and return to your kingdom otherwise Sri Rama's wrath would not only destroy you but whole of your clan."

The arrogant Ravan did not reply.

Jatayu angrily flew towards Ravan and pulled down his crown. Then he pulled Ravan’s hair so ferociously that Ravan fell down from his chariot.

Ravan then tried to hold his bow and arrow but Jatayu injured him with his beak so severely that for a moment Ravan fell unconscious.

Ravan who was invincible even for the deities and whom the sages and hermits had a fear for, was now being given a tough fight by the old Jatayu.

Jatayu fought very bravely, but because of his old age, he could not stand Ravan's might and sustain his fight for long.

Ravan drew out his sword and severed Jatayu's wings. Jatayu fell down on the earth. Thought he was dying but still he was happy and satisfied that, atleast he was of some help to Sri Rama. Ravan resumed his journey. Fight with Jatayu had scared him and he wanted to reach Lanka as soon as possible.

Sita in her grief dropped all her ornaments in the way. When Ravan reached Lanka, he kept her in Ashok Vatika. He tried his best to convince Sita to marry her, but could not succeed in his attempts. When Ravan saw that Sita was unyielding, he kept her confined in Ashok Vatika, beneath an Ashok tree.



When Ravan went away after keeping Sita at Ashok Vatika, Brahma thought that Sita would definitely not accept any food given by Ravan. So he sent Indra with divine food which would make Sita free from hunger and thirst for a long time.
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