Sita's Entrance Into Fire


Apr 28, 2019
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One day, when Laxmana was away collecting wild fruits and tubers, Sri Rama said to Sita:

"Dear, now I want to perform some humanly acts. I will now commence the killing of the demons and till my task is over you should enter the fire and remain there."

Sita followed the introduction and entered the fire. She left her shadow behind which looked just like her.

Now even Laxmana was not aware of this incident. He never knew that this Sita was unreal and merely a shadow of the real Sita.

Simultaneously in Lanka, the demon king Ravan was also preparing to play his role in the human act of Sri Rama. With the cutting of Shoorpanakha's nose, he had ample reasons to abduct Sita. But for that he had to show some of his illusionary powers. So he decided to take the help of Marich, his maternal uncle. Reaching the place where Marich was living, Ravan bowed down and greeted him. Marich understood that something must be troubling him, otherwise why on earth an arrogant demon like Ravan would bow down before him.

Marich asked - "What makes you so sad and why have you come alone?"

Ravan narrated the whole story and instructed him to take the guise of a golden deer and enchant Sita with its beauty.


Marich then replied-

"O possessor of ten heads, He is the lord of all the movable and immovable things of this world. Do not have enemity with him. Once I had gone to disturb Yagya I was hit so hard by Rama’s blunt arrow that I was thrown over the distance of one hundred Yojans." -

Despite their human appearance Rama and Laxmana are very powerful. To have enemity with them will not be beneficial for us. One who has killed the demons like Taraka and Subahu and who has broken the bow of Lord Shiva cannot be an ordinary person."

Hearing such words from Marich, Ravan became very angry and started to curse him. Then Marich thought that it would be better to be killed by Rama’s hand than by Ravan.

Marich proceeded with Ravan, being pleased with his good fortune of getting a chance to see Sri Rama, Laxmana and Sita. But he did not allow Ravan to read his mind.

When both of them reached the forest in which Sri Rama was living along with Sita and Laxmana, Marich disguised himself as a golden deer and started grazing grass and skipping near their hut.

When Sita saw the beautiful deer she requested Sri Rama to bring its skin for her. Sri Rama knew everything but still he got up to fulfill the tasks of the deities. Rama took his bow and arrows and instructing Laxmana to protect Sita from the demons, dashed after the deer. When the deer saw Rama coming towards him, it galoped away. Sri Rama followed him. The deer also played some illusionary tricks. At one moment, it would disappear and in the next reappeared.

Thus playing the game of hide and seek, the deer took Sri Rama far away from their hut.

At last, Sri Rama saw the deer clearly, and taking aim,shot an arrow. As soon as the arrow struck the deer, it fell on the ground and mimicking Sri Rama gave out a loud cry, 'HA LAXMANA! SAVE ME. Before dying he had remembered Rama he attained to the abode of Sri Rama.

When Sita heard Sri Rama calling to Laxmana, she asked him to go and help Sri Rama as he might be in danger. Laxmana assured her that there could be no danger to Sri Rama, whose mere raising of the eyebrows, starts the water of the ocean to boil, causes the earth to tremble and shake. Laxmana also told Sita that he could not leave her alone as Sri Rama has entrusted him the job of her security.

Then Sita angrily began to abuse and accuse Laxmana of learing her. She also doubted his intentions and motives. When Laxmana saw that Sita doubted his intentions and falsely accusing him he decided to go and help Sri Rama.

Laxmana drew a line on all sides of the hut and instructed Sita against crossing it at any cost. Then he too went away. While going Laxmana was looking at Sita just as a small child looks at his mother. On one side he was fearing Sri Rama’s anger because he was going against his instructions of not leaving Sita alone, on the other side, there was Sita’s insistence to go to Sri Rama’s help.
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