Sloka To Chant While Lighting The Lamp At Home


May 1, 2019
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The lamp is given great significance in Hinduism. It is a representation of ‘agni’/fire , the universal witness. ‘Agni’ is said to be the only element which purifies other things without getting impure itself, and is hence regarded as a demi-god. The influence that fire has in our life is very obvious and important. The Hindu ritual of lighting a lamp in the morning and evening is a way of having a representative of God amidst us. The fire of the lamp (and the lamp itself) is considered on par with an idol of God in temples and during poojas. The sloka below is to be chanted while lighting the lamp at home to bring welfare to the family.

Subham karoti kalyanam
Arogyam dhana sampadah
Shatru buddhi vinashaya
Deepa jyotir namosthuthe

Meaning - “I salute the lamplight that brings auspiciousness, abundance of wealth, good health and destroys all enemies of intellect ”

The names of some famous 'theertha' (holy water) wells at Rameswaram.

  • Mahalakshmi Thhertham
  • Savithri Theertham
  • Gayathri Theertham
  • Saraswathi Theertham
  • Sethu Madhava Theertham
  • Gandamadana Theertham
  • Kavacha Theertham
  • Gavaya Theertham
  • Nala Theertham
  • Sangu Theertham
  • Sakkara Theertham
  • Brahmahati Vimochana Theertham
  • Surya Theertham
  • Chandra Theertham
  • Ganga Theertham
  • Yamuna Theertham
  • Gaya Theertham
  • Siva Theertham
  • Sathyamirtha Theertham
  • Sarva Theertham
  • Kodi Theertham

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