Sriram's Return To Ayodhya And His Crowing


Apr 28, 2019
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The eagerness of people in Ayodhya increased immensely when only a day was left in the completion of fourteen years. But still there was no sign of Sri Rama's return.

Even Bharat began to wonder whether Sri Rama had changed his stance towards him. He said-

"Laxmana was very fortunate to have the opportunity of being in the service of Sri Rama. I have full faith, that Sri Rama would certainly return. Who would be as sinner and lowly as me, if he remained alive after the completion of fourteen year?

Suddenly Bharat saw a Brahmin coming towards him. The Brahmin, who was Hanumana in reality, saw that Bharat had become weak. His locks of hairs had grown like the hermits and on his lip was nothing but the name of Sri Rama. Hanumana became very pleased to see Bharat's total devotion in Sri Rama. He told Bharat-

"The saviour of the deities - the jewel the crown of Raghu's clan has arrived in whose thought you are immersed day and night."

Bharat then inquired about his identity. Hanumana replied-

"I am Hanumana - the son of Pawan. I am the attendant of Sri Rama."

Bharat became very happy. He took Hanumana in his embrace. Tears rolled down from the eyes of both of them. Bharat said-

"Hanumana, after seeing you it seems that all of my sorrows have vanished. The news of Sri Rama, which you have brought is so invaluable, that it is incomparable with all the wealth of mine collectively."

Hanumana returned back to Sri Rama and narrated the whole story. Rama, then proceeded for Ayodhya on his Pushpak Viman.

Here, Bharat gave the good news to sage Vashishta that Sri Rama was coming along with Laxmana and Sita. Then he gave the news in his palace. All the mothers - Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikayee came running towards Bharat and became very happy to learn about Sri Rama's arrival.

The people of Ayodhya made a great preparation for Sri Rama's grand reception. The women proceeded towards the direction through which Sri Rama was coming. They were carrying basil-leaves, curd, durva-grass, fruits, flowers etc. in their hands. They were also singing auspiciousness songs.

Bharat accompanied by Sage Vashishta, Shatrughana,all his relatives, and other Brahmins, went to receive Sri Rama.

Many people climbed on the roofs of their houses. When they saw Sri Rama's Pushpak Viman in the sky they started jumping in joy.

Sri Rama, from his Pushpak-Viman was showing his dear Ayodhya, to the monkeys. He said- "Though everybody consider, heaven to be the most supreme, but for me, this is the most supreme and sacred city, To its north flows the river Saryu, in which a bath enables a man to reside in my vicinity without making any efforts."

Everybody became happy and pleased to hear that. Sri Rama then instructed Pushpak Viman to land. After getting down from the Pushpak-Viman, Sri Rama asked the Pushpak Viman to go back to Kuber.

When Sri Rama saw sage Vamdev and Vashishta coming towards him, he kept aside his bow and arrows and made salutations by prostrating on their feet.

Then Bharat made salutations to Sri Rama prostrating. After that Sri Rama met Shatrughana and Bharat met Laxmana.

Bharat made prostration on Sita's feet. The common people of Ayodhya, forgot about their sorrows caused by Sri Rama's separation, when they saw Sri Rama.

Then Sumitra met Laxmana. When Sri Rama went to meet Kaikayee, she was very hesitative to meet him, being ashamed of her deeds. Laxmana too met all the three mothers.

The people of Ayodhya narrated the tales of Bharat's austerities to Sri Rama. Sri Rama was very pleased to hear about Bharat's love towards him.

Sri Rama then called his army of monkeys and introduced them to all the sages. He narrated about their bravery to the sages.

Everybody returned to his home. Vashishta instructed Sumant to arrange for auspicious things and to decorate Ayodhya. Sri Rama called the attendants and instructed them to make arrangements, so that tired army could refresh.

Everybody took bath, Sri Rama got his locks of hair shorn and with the permission of Vashishta he took his bath.

Sita's mothers-in-law helped her to take her bath. She was given royal apparels and ornaments to wear. Then both Sri Rama and Sita sat together. Sita was seated on the left side of Sri Rama.

Vashishta then ordered the divine throne to be brought. The throne was radiating like the Sun. Its beauty was just indescribable. Sri Rama after greeting His preceptor and the other Brahmins sat on the throne, with Sita sitting on His left side. Everybody was rejoicing. The Brahmins were chanting the Vedic mantras. The deities were praising and hailing Sri Rama's name in the heaven.

First of all, Vashishta put a 'Tilak' on Sri Rama's forehead and then all the sages blessed Sri Rama.

Lord Shiva, desirous of seeing this appearance of Sri Rama, arrived and after eulogizing him, returned to his abode.
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