Vishwamitra's Arrival - Lord Sriram's Departure


Apr 28, 2019
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Vishwamitra Arrives In Dashrath's Court : -
Sage Vishwamitra, the son of King Gaadhi, had acquired divine weapons with his tremendous penance. He had been preserving them for the time when Sri Rama would take His incarnation to kill Ravan and other demons.

The time had come to present all those weapons to Sri Rama thus deciding this he started his journey towards Ayodhya. After reaching Ayodhya, he took a bath in the holy 'Saryu' river and reached the royal palace of Dashrath.

When Dashrath came to know about his arrival he welcomed him. With due respect, he asked him about his sudden arrival. He also called Sri Rama, Laxmana, Bharat and Shatrughana to pay their respect to Vishwamitra.

When Vishwamitra saw Sri Rama he was so spellbound by his divine appearance that he forgot about his own existence.

After sometime, Vishwamitra said-

"O king, the demons do not allow me to perform my oblations peacefully in the forest. So, I request you to send Rama and Laxmana so that they could kill those demons and I could perform my oblations in peace. It will also add to their fame."

Hearing this Dashrath became perturbed and confused. He requested-

'O Sage, I have received my sons in my fourth stage of life and I am still unsatisfied in bestowing them with my love. Moreover, they are too young to fight those dreaded demons. I cannot live even for a moment in Rama's and Laxmana's separation. Demand anything else -land, wealth, cows, diamond- whatever you like. I am even willing to give up all my belongings but please do not take away my Rama from me."

At this sage Vashishta advised Dashrath to send Rama and Laxmana along with Vishwamitra without any fear because it would bring them fame and fortune. Moreover they would acquire numerous divine weapons and mantras with the help of which both of them would successfully eliminate the demons.

Sri Rama's Departure With Vishwamitra :-
Though both Vashishta and Vishwamitra were great sages but there was a difference between them- Vishwamitra was known for his anger. Vashishta being aware of his anger and to save Dashrath from his wrath advised Dashrath to send Rama and Laxmana along with Vishwamitra. Both Rama and Laxmana were walking behind sage Vishwamitra. On their one shoulder was the bow and the other supported a quiver.

Vishwamitra being pleased with his successful mission of bringing Sri Rama and Laxmana, was immersed in his own thoughts.

TARAKA'S KILLING: On the way, an ogress Taraka saw them and wanted to devour them. Noticing Taraka Vishwamitra instructed Sri Rama to kill her at once. But Sri Rama being a Raghuvanshi (a descendant of Raghu) was confused as to how he could kill a female?

Understanding the dilemma Sri Rama was facing, Vishwamitra again ordered Rama to kill her. Now Sri Rama instantly followed his commands and killed Taraka but he also blessed her with his own abode.

Now Vishwamitra was convinced that Sri Rama was indeed the manifestation of supreme almighty and he presented all his divine and infallible weapons (Brahmastra) to him.

Finally they reached Vishwamitra's hermitage. After having their dinner they all rested. In the morning after finishing their daily chores Sri Rama assured Vishwamitra to carry along with his oblations without any fear because he along with Laxmana would be guarding the site.


As Vishwamitra commenced his oblations, Marich the demon furiously ran towards the oblation site to destroy it but Sri Rama hit him with a simple arrow. The hit was so powerful that Marich was thrown at the seashore.

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