Sugreev Departs From Ayodhya


Apr 28, 2019
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Like this, Sri Rama was crowned as the king of Ayodhya. Six months passed in no time after his coronation. Sri Rama then called all the monkeys and requested them to return to their respective homes. The monkeys had forgotten about their real selves, since the day they had been living with Sri Rama. Nobody wanted to be separated from Sri Rama. With great difficulty, Sri Rama could change their mind.

Hanumana told Sugreeva that he would return to him after being with Sri Rama for some time. Sri Rama requested Nishaadraaj to keep visiting Ayodhya.

Sri Rama ruled over Ayodhya with great morality and justice. His subjects were happy, prosperous and contented.

In due course of time, Sita gave birth to two sons - Lav and Kush. Two sons were born each to Bharat, Laxmana and Shatrughana.

Once, Sri Rama was sitting in the garden accompanied by all his brothers and Hanuman. Sage Sanandan arrived there. Sri Rama offered him a seat and said- "O sage a man gets liberated from all his bondages by your sight. The scriptures say that the saints show the path which leads to heaven and the lusty people show the path which leads to hell."

Sage Sanak Sanandan sought Sri Rama's blessing to help them have blessing in his feet. Sri Rama blessed them.

Hanumana requested Sri Rama to elaborate on the differences between virtuous and wicked people. Sri Rama said- "The conduct of a saint is like a sandalwood and that of a wicked person is like an axe. Such as the sandalwood, even after getting cut by an axe, gives it's fragrance to the axe, in the same way a virtuous person, even after being harmed by a wicked person, always blesses him. Because of this quality, sandalwood is applied on the forehead of God whereas the axe is put in fire and beaten with a hammer."

Sri Rama also preached Hanumana on the importance of devotion.
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