The Language of Consciousness


May 1, 2019
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Those who are unfamiliar with the details of the spiritual manifest realms must be content with the non-moving and non-dual substance called Brahman. That is because the pastimes and activities of Goloka and Vaikuntha are kept covered from all except the purely devoted lovers of Krishna and Narayan. If one attempts to escape the material atmosphere by meditation but fails to adore the Personality of Godhead, then Krishna does not manifest His personal form or His variegated pastimes of sweet love. Instead, Krishna offers the carrot of Brahman realization, which lies somewhere between the material and spiritual worlds. It is un-manifest and devoid of any material qualities. It possesses only a small portion of the qualities of Krishna, namely his eternal potency. But lacking any experience of Krishna's personal form, the Brahmavadi remains unconscious to transcendental knowledge and devotional bliss. The kingdom of God is where the language of consciousness is heard and spoken. Life is full, complete and comprised of Krishna and His life. All the residents of Goloka possess unalloyed love for Krishna, who pleases His pure devotees by covering Himself as a mere boy of unmatched beauty and love, then engages everyone in His pastimes of love. The residents of Goloka are desire-less, save and except their desire to love and serve Krishna at every moment. Krishna is more important to them then their own lives. The fact that the Supreme Lord, who is the cause of all causes and the manifest cause of the Brahmajyoti, can move, speak and eat, might seem fantastic to non-devotees, but not to the pure devotees, who are able to see Krishna within their heart of hearts at every moment. Krishna is the most attractive personality anywhere, which means that those who are fortunate enough to have gained His association after many, many births of pious activities, cannot forget Him even for a moment. Even the thought of liberation becomes distasteful to a pure devotee.

Krishna's highest reward to his unalloyed devotees is residence in Goloka Vrndavana. His devotees are given spiritual bodies just suited for engaging and recipricating in pastimes of love. Both the Lord and His devotees have wonderful spiritual bodies. Everyone loves serving and playing with Krishna, who in return has unlimited love for his pure devotees. This is the nature of the transcendental plane of existence, which is attainable by anyone who becomes Krishna's unalloyed devotee.

Sarva dharman parit yajna, mam ekam sarinam braja

Aham twam sarva papebyo mokshayisyami ma suchaha (BG 18.61)

In His Bhagavad Gita, Krishna gives his final piece of advise to his devotee Arjuna, "just surrender unto Me and give up all other forms of religious and economic interests for material and spiritual advancement. I will protect you from any sinful reactions."

This is the eternal message of Godhead for all of us. Our real interest can be found in surrender. There are no impediments for anyone who is sincere about surrendering to Krishna. He states that from whatever situation one is presently involved in materially, if he is sincere about surrendering, Krishna will give him all protection. Furthermore, elsewhere in the Gita, Krishna says that He will guide His devotee to Him. This means that there can be no failure on the part of the devotee because Krishna is unstoppable and unblockable by anything. His promise is perfect and His will is always served. Even if a devotee does not complete his purification in the present life, Krishna will provide him with a favorable future birth by which he can quickly regain his transcendental consciousness to continue his life's real purpose.

Rarely does a person become a devotee of the Lord. It is by invitation only, either by the Lord Himself in His many incarnations or by His personal representative, the spiritual master. Either way, a soul becomes attracted to engaging in devotional service after many lifetimes of pious deeds. Devotional service is the culmination of all pious work. It is the fruit of all action. Pure service to Krishna yields the highest pleasure. Rendering devotional service to the lotus feet of the Lord and His devotees removes even the slightest hint of the flavor of liberation. It is all consuming.


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