Thought and Consciousness


May 1, 2019
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Thought is commonly categorized as an activity of the mind; however, thought does not originate with the mind. Thought originates with the soul's consciousness. Consciousness in touch with matter yields material thoughts centered around the five knowledge acquiring senses, namely skin,nose,ear,eye and tongue. Conversely, spiritual thoughts are centered around the transcendental plane of existence and the life and pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna. When the soul is in conditional life, it manifests a material form with material senses. A liberated soul has a spiritual body with spiritual senses. Therefore, the quality of thought that a soul manifests is directly related to it's bodily existence. Spiritual existence is primeval and original. It is superior to material existence. Consciousness conditioned by the material atmosphere can become unconditioned even while existing within a material body. When consciousness becomes absorbed in spiritual thought, it has transcended the material experience. The quality of spiritual existence is complete fullness. The spiritual senses are directly in touch with an unending and increasing Reality that nourishes one's existence at every moment. While material existence is characterized by degradation and decomposition, spiritual existence is never compromised. Consciousness becomes enlivened while in touch with it's source. There is no reason to believe that mortal death is required before one can experience spiritual absorption. Even while encased within a material body, consciousness can be loosened from it's entanglement with matter to join it's transcendental family. Thus, having properly identified itself on the transcendental plane, the soul can enjoy spiritual existence both now and after the death of the body. There is no obstacle of time. It is incorrect to believe that one must wait for death to reap the fruits of spiritual existence. Although death is a complete change of body, consciousness remains inherently the same through the dying process. Consciousness that is absorbed in activities of it's own nature can indeed experience the fullness of spiritual Reality even while residing within the "city of seven gates" ( six senses plus the mind). This state is called samadhi or fixed mind. Conscious transference can be compared to dreaming, both during sleep and waking. Thoughts or memories appear to transfer one away from the present moment. Even though the body has not moved, one feels transported into a temporary reality created by thought. So, the action of physical movement is not required for the mind to go elsewhere. Similarly, consciousness is not bound to the body. It can travel to the transcendental plane above the material sky and enjoy the fullness of conscious existence. The material plane is inferior to consciousness. It is dependent on consciousness for it's existence. Consciousness is free to dwell in both the material or spiritual worlds. Since spiritual reality is intrinsically superior to material reality, a self realized soul after death does not cause the creation of another material body. For one who understands that the spiritual plane exists and is superior to the material plane, he never takes material birth again after death.


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