Valmiki wrote Ramayana, but what was his past life

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May 3, 2019
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It is said he was a robber earlier and he repented later. He meditated for years and while he was meditating an anthill was built over his body. Later he became a famous sage and authored Ramayana. Valmiki also offered shelter to Maa Sita when she was exiled by Lord Rama.

His name means anthill.


May 2, 2019
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Yes, Valmiki was a robber called Ratnakara. The story is mentioned below:

Early Life
Maharishi Valmiki, born as Ratnakara to Prachetasa the sage. When Ratnakara was very young, he went into the dense forest and got lost there. A passing by hunter, saw Ratnakara and he took him under his care. With the care & love of his foster parents, He forgot his original parents. With his father's guidance, he turned into an excellent hunter. As he reached marriageable age, He was married to a beautiful girl of hunters family.

Turning into a Robber
When his family started growing larger, He found it tough to meet both ends in terms of providing them with basic necessities of life such as food. As a result, he began looting people and chose robbery as his occupation

Meeting with Narada and Transformation Great sage Narada Muni was once passing through the jungle, he was suddenly attacked by Ratnakara. As Narada Muni was sage, he was able to see transformation coming over Ratnakara looking at him. Then, Narada Muni asked Ratnakara if his the family would share his sins, for whom he has been robbing and looting people since long. Ratnakara went to ask his family same question which Narada Muni Had asked him and when he asked his family they refused to share his sin's starting from his father to his wife, on being refused by his family members, he soon left his home and went back to Narada Muni. Narada muni taught him the sacred name of 'Rama nama' and told him to sit for meditation and while meditating he was asked to chant the holy name of Rama Nama, till the time Narada came's back.
Ratnakara did as per his instructions and went on meditating for years while chanting holy name of Rama, during all these years his body got totally covered by an anthill. At last, Sage Narada came back to see him and soon he removed all the anthills from his body.He then told Ratnakara that his mediation i.e. tapasya has paid off and the God has finished off all his sins and was pleased with him. Ratnakara was bowed down with the honor of a Brahmarishi and hence was given the name of Sage Valmiki, as he was reborn from the ant-hill which is called as Valmika. Sage Valmiki soon made his ashram on the banks of River Ganga.

Receiving Lord Rama One day, Sage Valmiki had the opportunity of receiving Lord Rama, His wife Mata Sita and his brother Lakshman at his ashram. On Valmiki's suggestion, his hut was built on Chitrakuta hill, near the ashram by Lord Rama.

Writing Ramayana Narada once visited Maharishi Valmiki in his ashram and there, he narrated whole story of Lord Rama to sage Valmiki who then received a vision from Lord Brahma in which the he instructed him to write whole Ramayana in slokas, which was followed by maharishi Valmiki.
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