Lord Sri Rama's Welcomed By Maharishi Valmiki


Apr 28, 2019
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After the formal salutations being made by Sri Rama, Laxmana and Sita to Valmiki, Sri Rama narrated the whole story to him and also requested him to tell which place would be appropriate for them to pass their exile period.

Valmiki Said, "O Rama, you reside in the hearts of such devotees, whose ears are like the ‘sea’ and who remain unsatisfied even by the constant narration of your divine tales which are like the rivers."

"Just as the Chatak continuously keeps looking at the clouds and not the ocean in the same way you along with Laxmana should reside in the hearts of such devotee, who are only desirous of seeing you."

Ultimately Valmiki asked Sri Rama to reside at Chitrakut making all the living creatures live peacefully. When the tribals of Chitrakut (Bheels and Kols) came to know about Sri Rama’s stay at Chitrakut they were extremely pleased. They considered it as their good fortune that they would yet a chance of being at the service of Sri Rama.

Sri Rama, Sita and Laxmana stayed at Chitrakut. The arrival of Rama at Chitrakut had made it extremely pure. The trees bore fruits prematurely. The wind blew with fragrance. The birds sang in sweet voice.

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