Vishwamitra's Yagya and Arrival At Janakpur


Apr 28, 2019
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Protection Of Vishwamitra's Yagya And Ahilya's Liberation :- After Marich was humiliated and thrown to the seashore, Sri Rama killed many other demons like Subahu, Khara and Dushan with his deadly Agnibaan. Since then onwards, Vishwamitra and the other sages performed their oblations fearlessly.

Sri Rama spent his days in the hermitage learning the Vedas and other religious scriptures. In the meantime, king Janak had organised a Swayamvar for his daughter Sita at Janakpur. He had invited kings, princes, sages, hermits from all over the world for the Swayamvar.

Vishwamitra was also invited to attend the Swayamvar. He asked Sri Rama and Laxmana to come along with him to Janakpur. Thus accompanied by Sri Rama and Laxmana, Vishwamitra left for Janakpur. On the way, they found an abandoned hermitage, which bore a very deserted look with no vegetation around it and virtually no sign of life. A little further away, Sri Rama noticed a stone idol of a woman lying on the ground.

Sri Rama was amazed to see all these things. He asked Vishwamitra about the reason. Then Vishwamitra replied that it was sage Gautam's wife, Ahilya whom he had converted into a statue by a curse. He also told Sri Rama that she would be liberated only when he touched her with his foot.

Sri Rama followed his instructions and touched the statue with his foot and it instantly transformed into a woman. She offered salutations to Sri Rama and left to meet her husband in heaven.


They had moved little further when they sighted the holy Ganges who was brought down to earth from heaven by her own ancestor, Bhagirath. Sage Vishwamitra narrated the story of Ganga's descent.

The sixty thousand sons of king Sagar were incinerated by sage Kapil's curse. It was necessary for their liberation that the holy Ganges should be brought down to earth.

Sage Bhagirath observed severe penance for Gange's descent on earth. When Brahma requested Ganga to descend on earth, she feared that the earth would not be able to bear her tremendous force and that she would penetrate even the surface of the earth to enter the nether-world (Pataal loka). Bhagirath then pleased Lord Shiva by his penance and he ultimately accepted to hold Ganga in his matted hair. Ganges then descended down on earth and liberated the sixty thousand sons of Sagar.

Sri Rama was very pleased to hear this narration. He made salutations to the holy Ganges and took a holy dip in the water of the Ganges.

Very soon, they reached Janakpur the kingdom of Janak. They were amazed by the beauty and majesty of Janakpur, which was full of gardens and parks, lakes and ponds. Goswami Tulsidas has written in the Manas-


Arrival At Janakpur

Sri Rama's And Vishwamitra's Arrival At Janakpur :-
When Janak heard about the arrival sage Vishwamitra along with Rama and Laxmana, he came to welcome them. After the customary exchange of well wishes, Vishwamitra requested Janak and the Brahmins accompanying him to have their seats.

Right then, Sri Rama and Laxmana who had gone to fetch flowers from a nearby garden arrived there. Impressed by his magnificence and divine appearance, everybody present their stood up in reverence. Vishwamitra lovingly made them sit near him. Even Janak was so enchanted by their appearance that for a moment he forgot about everything else and his eyes were simply fixed at Sri Rama and Laxmana. After sometime, he asked Vishwamitra about their identity.

Smiling at his curiosity, Vishwamitra told Janak that he was the incarnation of God the beloved of all the living beings and who in turn get loved by him.

Hearing this Sri Rama smiled. Sri Rama's smile had an illusionary effect on Vishwamitra and prohibited him from further disclosing his divinity. But introducing Sri Rama to Janak, sage Vishwamitra said-

"He is the eldest son of Dashrath- the king of Ayodhya, along with him is his younger brother Laxmana. By the permission of their father, they have been staying with me and guarding the oblation site from the demons. They are very brave and have killed many dreaded demons.

Hearing this Janak was very pleased. The sight of Rama to him was just like the realization of Almighty God.

Rama and Laxmana along with their preceptor Vishwamitra rested for a while after having their meal. Little before the descent of evening Sri Rama requested Vishwamitra.

"O revered Guru, Laxmana desires to see the beauty of Janakpuri, so by your permission may I take him out?

Vishwamitra gladly permitted them without any hesitation because he knew well that his incarnation was only to safeguard and protect religiousness (Dharm), and he did not want to be a hurdle in the path of the people of Janakpuri from seeing his divine forms.


Both Sri Rama and Laxmana started off to see the beauty places of Janakpuri. Hearing about their arrival, the entire populaion thronged the streets and the roofs of their houses to have a glimpse of Sri Rama and Laxmana. Small children felt great joy in touching him and giving whatever knowledge they had of Janakpuri.

Young girls watched Sri Rama and Laxmana from the windows and balconies to marvel at each other about Sri Rama and Laxmana. Some of them were of the view that Sri Rama would the best match for Sita. All of them prayed for Sita's marriage with Sri Rama.

Tulsidas has said in Ramcharitamanas:


The beautiful women of Mithila showered flowers on them with a sole desire in their hearts to see the enchanting face of Sri Rama- because when the flowers will fall on him he will look upwards and as a result they would get a chance to see his divine face.

Thus both Sri Rama and Laxmana giving joy and pleasure to the residents of Mithila visited the site where Sita's Swayamvar was to be organised. The children who were present with him informed that this is the place where kings would have their seats-and here the Brahmins would sit.

The children's also informed him that in this Swayamvar arrangements have been made for every class of people.

Sri Ram was watching the site with a childish curisity.

Sita- the daughter of Janak had come along with her companions to have a bath. Her friends were singing. After their bath they worshipped in the temple of Goddess Girija and got her blessing of having a bridegroom of her choice. One of her companions left the group and went to see the beautiful sight of the flowers. There, she got an opportunity to see the enchanting beauty of Sri Rama. In her life she had never seen anything beautiful like that. She was thrilled. When she rejoined her group, she could not hide her thrill and happiness. Unable to understand about her extreme joy her friends enquired about the reason.

She narrated all that she had seen but expressed her inability to describe the beauty of Sri Rama and Laxmana.

After hearing this Sita to become desirous of seeing Sri Rama and Laxmana.

Goswami Tulsidas has written-


The use of the term Puratan (ancient) proves that the affection between Sri Rama and Sita was original and persisted since ancient time. In every era of Treta belonging to each Kalpa, both of them had acted as if they were new couple.

Sri Rama heard the sound emanting from Sita's anklets and turned towards the direction from which the sound was coming.

As soon as Sri Rama turned, he saw Sita standing there. Sita was looking at Sri Rama. Both of them had their gaze fixed at each other. Impressed by the divine beauty of Sita and unable to find suitable words to describe it he said to Laxmana: "Brother, this is the same Janaki- the daughter of Earth who has expressed her desire to have me as her son-in- law during the rescue of earth in my incarnation as boar. I had expressed my inability then, but assured her that her wishes would be fulfilled in Treta Yuga, in my incarnation as Rama.

Sita prayed to Goddess Parvati without expressing her heart's desire. Goddess Paravati blessed Sita with the garland she herself was wearing. She also said that her wish would be fulfilled.

Sri Rama and Laxmana too returned to Vishwamitra after collecting the flowers and offered them to him. Vishwamitra was pleased and blessed both of them.
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