How I became Hindu-Radhika Devi Das


Journey from Christianity to Hinduism
Journey of a Devi towards Sanatan Dharma without any force and fear

Namaste and Pranam, I am Radhika (Formerly Parcilia) . I was born in Rio, but lived in United Kingdom as my dad is british and mom is brazilian. i was born in a catholic family. From young age itself i have had my doubts on Jesus and Christianity.

It was a rainy day in Paris which changed my life. i was about 17 years old then, and i was sitting on a bench under a shade about few hundred meters away from the famous Eiffel tower. Few monks came and sat mext to me and we started talking. They gave me a krishna calender and some books including the HOLY GITA. I read all, and started more study on Hinduism or vedic name sanatan dharma. I loved it.

But one question was in all heads. How come there be two complete different kinds of Gods, one Krishna , and other called Jesus.

God has to be same for all. but why different gods for different countries and communities. This very question made me start my research on Christianity and other religions. What i found out wa shocking, but eveidences were shouting at me. I realised Christianity is a complete Joke and based on lies and wars. I decided i cannot be a part of Chriatianity , which was spread by war and bloodsheds. i told my parents that i am Hindu from heart and body. My parents nearly fainted. They told our church and priests of my decision. and in the coming weeks, ,my house was always filled with church people telling me what big mistake i was making and jesus is our saviour and died for us blah blah and that devil will take me to hell where life is unimaginably horryfic. My reply to most church people was i have found out the truth and their rose coated lies cannot change my opinion. I was part of Krishna’s Sanatan dharma, with my parents or without my parents. My path to God began and i have realized one thing there is nothing more beautiful than Sanatan dharma.

I would suggest all christians one thing, that life is one, dont waste it on lies of christianity. As of today, my parents are also following Hinduism. Lord krishna has been great , he opened eyes of my parents. My guru is Maha yogi Loknath Baba from eastern india. i have travelled a lot , i have seen all of south america , all of europe, and visited some nice temples in London. My only visit to India was in 2008, and it was very nice experience for me. I am not only keeping interest in spiritual Hinduism but also looking at india’s current political situation. I feel sad that government in india are ignoring the Hindus so much and creating all sort of lies. It was the lies of christianity that brought me to hinduism, and looks like it is the lies of political system which is bringing me closer to hindus.

Come to god, come to sanatan dharma Hare krishna

Note:This write up has been posted without edits and have been given by the person herself.