How I became Hindu-Denise Amazonas


Good morning brothers from India, namaste!
For those who do not know me, I humbly present myself as an admirer of your country. I am Brazilian student and teacher of Yoga philosophy and other ancient philosophies that are lost in time and reach the eternity of the Dharma. My interest in India sprung on me at 17 years old, through literature written by Master Vivekananda, who brought it to the West, but I feel that my passion for your country seems to be my soul Hindu-Brazilian. I made contact with Hinduism through Vedanta philosophy, and later became one bakta by Vaishnavism, temple met in my city of birth, which is Saints in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. For eight years I’ve been practicing this religion, the worship of Radha and Krishna as God, but I decided to deepen me to understand other points of view of the philosophical Vedanta tracking, and began my studies at the Advaita Vedanta Shakaracharya dear master and his predecessors Gaudapada master and thus , my interest expanded to other segments not know the Vedic (nastikas), studying a bit of Tantra Bengal revolutionary process, which together groups bhaktas and Sufi poets, reinvidicavam religion to all castes without any of discrimination. And later came to be interested also by Tantra of Kashmir and Tamil schools Sidha Sidhanta southern India, influenced by Shaiva path from northern India. To me all these perspectives of religious practices and meditation are like the petals of a lotus flower called Sanathana Dharma, where the soul becomes his real nature, which is unity in samadhi with the Divine. I see with great admiration and respect also the paths of yoga left with their original Dattatreya segments of sadhus Aghoris a difficult process of understanding most people, yogis whose break with rules and transcend the duality of opposites within a life extreme renunciation, living together in crematoria death, so very atypical, but devocion Shiva Bhairava, Rudra, and other forms also divine, the One God who takes many ways to be worshiped.
I love the diversity of India, colors and religions, people, temples, holy places, its people, its difficulties and joy in living, it is like my country Brazil, whose people fondly welcomes its visitors. I love the Hindu dharma, my heart pray for this country, for its people wanted, that their culture is strengthened and we always serve as an example for us to strengthen the link between eastern and western knowledge in an exchange in preserving harmonious values of Good I am honored to write this article, and have the opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to learn from Indian friends about their religions, customs, spiritual values, and practices yoga, diverse, and can help in the West that people become more aware, and their hearts to be their guides in the world. God is in all, Indian, Brazilian, and all peoples, one humanity, one single God. All my love to my Indian brothers

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