US Maine House of Representatives, Senate to open with Hindu mantras

Maine House of Representatives

United States Maine House of Representatives and Senate in Augusta will open up the June 3 and 4 sessions differently with Hindu mantras delivered by distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed.

Zed is the President of Universal Society of Hinduism and will first recite invocation from Rig Veda in Sanskrit and following it he will read an English version of the prayer, which will start and end with Om.

Rig Veda is the oldest scripture of the world and Sanskrit is a sacred language in Hinduism.

Rajan will recite, “Asato ma sad gamaya, Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, Mrtyor mamrtam gamaya.”

English interpretation of the phrase from Brahadaranyakopanishad reads, “Lead us from the unreal to the real, Lead us from darkness to light, and Lead us from death to immortality.”

The global Hindu and interfaith leader will be proposing to urge Senators and Representatives to always keep in mind welfare of others.

Hinduism is the oldest and third largest religion in the world and about three million Hindus live in USA. Moksh or liberation is the ultimate goal of the religion that has about 1.1 billion adherents.

Zed has bene producing a weekly interfaith panel “Faith Forum” for more than eight years. He was earlier bestowed with World Interfaith Leader Award.