8 Small Jokes for 10 year Old Childrens

Apr 30, 2019
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Joke 1
Sunil : My grandfather left one lac rupees when he died.
Anil : My grandfather left the whole world.

Joke 2
Wife : The landlord is knocking at the door for rent.
Husband : Go and tell him that I am not at home.
Wife : But you promised that you won’t tell a lie.
Husband : That is why I am sending you.

Joke 3
Asif : My father gets Rs. 10 lakhs a day.
Naresh : Is he so rich? What business is he doing?
Asif : Oh no ! He is a cashier in a bank.

Joke 4
Judge : The next person in this court who dares to utter a sound will be thrown out.
Prisoner : Me, me.

Joke 5
Shopkeeper : Would you like to buy a pocket calculator?
Boy : No thanks. I know how many pockets I have.

Joke 6
Father : Well sonny, how do you like school?
Son : Closed.

Joke 7
Husband : My wife thinks she is a bird.
Doctor : Why did you not bring her?
Husband : She does not want to get out of her cage.

Joke 8
Wife : I have lost quite a lot of weight.
Husband : I don’t see it.
Wife : Sure you won’t. I have lost it.

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