Arrival At The Oblation Site


Apr 28, 2019
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Sri Rama And Vishwamitra Arrival At The Site Of Oblation :
Hearing about Sri Rama and Laxmana's arrival at the site of Swayamvar the people rushed there. Very soon, a huge crowd gathered there. Everybody was sitting quietly waiting to see Sri Rama and Laxmana.

Right then Rama and Laxmana arrived at the site following Vishwamitra. The whole atmosphere was radiated by their presence. Though they were in human appearance, still everybody present there sighted the idol of his own imagination.

For this occasion, Tulsidas says in Ramcharitamanas


When Sri Rama appeared on the stage, a feeling of inferiority complex came to grip all the other kings. Their radiance dimmed just as the stars begin to fade away with the rising Sun on the horizon. The virtuous kings decided to abstain from the competition thinking that Sita would definitely get married to Sri Rama, whether He broke the bow or not.

But the demons who were in the guise of kings interrupted and said that nobody would be allowed to marry Sita without breaking the bow.

SITA'S ENTRY: Sita arrived at the Swayamvar site accompanied by her friends. Her beauty hypnotized everybody.

As Sita moved ahead slowly having a glance on each of the kings present there she wished in her heart to see Sri Rama. When she saw both Sri Rama and Laxmana beside sage Vishwamitra she felt as if all of her desires were granted. But she could not look at Sri Rama for too long considering it as an immodest act in front of dignitaries and elderly people who were sitting there. So she looked at her companions with the image of Sri Rama imprinted in her heart.

King Janak called his servants and instructed them to tell the gathered kings about his vow. The announcement was soon made accordingly.

"Princess Sita shall garland him who breaks this bow of lord Shiva- the bow, at the sight of which the most powerfuls and braves like Ravana and Baanasur just went away."

The announcement of Janaka's vow pleased all who had arrived with a desire to win Sita as their wife. Those who considered themselves of having great strength were the happiest. One by one, each of them tried his luck and strength, but could not even move the bow. They returned back to their respective seats with a shameful face.

Many kings collectively tried to lift the bow but were unsuccessful in their attempts.

Janaka became very dejected and restless at the prospect of Sita remaining unmarried he said-

"It seems as if this earth is devoid of brave men. If I had known this I would not have taken such a hard vow. Perhaps it is the wish of almighty that Sita remains unmarried. Now, if at this stage I abandon my vow my fame will smashed, on the other hand if I keep my vow, there is a fear of Sita remaining unmarried."


Hearing this challenge Laxmana got up angrily. His eyebrows were raised in anger, He said- "I am not speaking this out of fear of Rama, but your utterances are striking and piercing me like arrows. In a gathering where even a small child belonging to the descent of Raghu is present it is improper to utter such words. Here is present Sri Rama- the jewel of the clan of Raghu."

Then turning towards Sri Rama he said-

"O Jewel of the descent of Sun (Surya), with your permission may I lift this universe like a ball and break it like a pitcher or should I break this 'Sumeru mountain like a raddish.

O lord, with your permission may I lift this old bow like the stem of lotus and run carrying it for hundreds of Yojans. I take a vow if I am unable to do all these things then I would never carry bows and arrows in my life."

Hearing his angry words the earth trembled with fear all the ten directions shook tremendously as if an earthquake struck. All the people became terrified and Janak was ashamed. But Sita was filled up with joy.

Sri Rama calmed Laxmana signalling with his eyes. Now Vishwamitra realizing that the auspicious moment has come said to Rama.

"Son, get up and remove the dejection from Janak's heart by breaking this bow.

Following his command Sri Rama got up without showing any emotion on his face.

Lord Sri Rama's appearance on the stage resembled the advent of the morning Sun on the horizon. Making salutations to his guru in his heart and after taking his permission, he walked slowly towards the spot where the bow was kept. Despite being the Lord of the universe he was without any arrogance. Everybody was hoping in their heart that Sri Rama would break the bow.

Sita still had some fears that how could the bow, which even formidable demons like Ravana and Banasur could not move, be broken by Rama who looked so tender and young. She expressed her feelings to one of her companions. Her companion however replied-

"O Princess, one should not underestimate the capabilities of seemingly ordinary people. Otherwise how could have sage Agastya drank whole of the ocean. The sun-God looks so small but when he rises the darkness of all the three worlds vanishes."

Hearing the intelligent words of her companion Sita believed that Sri Rama would certainly break the bow.

Janaki was praying in her heart to all the deities, especially goddess Parvati and lord Shiva to remove the hardness of the bow, so that Sri Rama could break it without any difficulty. She was praying to Lord Ganesha and at last she prayed even to the bow itself to transfer its hardness on all the kings sitting in the assembly and become so soft and tender that Sri Rama could break it by his mere touch.

So this way Sita's restlessness was growing and each moment seemed like an era. In her restlessness the sometimes saw towards Sri Rama and sometimes towards the earth.

Sri Rama gestured Laxmana to press the earth hard with his feet as he was going to break the bow so that the impact of the breaking bow did not cause an earthquake.

Laxmana was pleased by Rama's signal. He alerted the lords of all the ten directions to be vigilant as Sri Rama was now about to break the bow.

Sri Rama did not think it appropriate to take more time and so after making salutations to his guru Vishwamitra went towards the bow and broke it so swiftly that nobody could see this act; the assembly only realized when they heard a thundering sound.

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