Bharat's Departure To Chitrakut


Apr 28, 2019
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Everyone was pleased by Bharat’s desire to visit Chitrakut. Bharat called the ministers and instructed them to carry all the things required to crowning ceremony to the forest where Sri Rama would be crowned as the king of Ayodhya.

The next morning the caravan moved towards Chitrakut. Bharat, too halted at Shringwerpur for a night and then continued with his journey the next morning. This time Bharat was walking. Seeing him walk, other people too got down from their chariots. When Kaushalya heard it, she asked the carriers of her palanquin to take it near Bharat and said-

"Son Bharat, people are already grief-stricken because of Rama’s separation. Moreover they have become weak and feeble due to continuos fasts they have been observing since Rama departed. So, don’t walk but board on the chariot."

Bharat obeyed her commands word by word and boarded the chariot once again. When Bharat’s caravan approached the Ganges, Nishadraaj came to know about his arrival. He grew suspicious of Bharat’s intentions and wondered if it was really needed to carry such a large procession just to meet Sri Rama.


Unaware of Bharat’s real intentions, Nishadraaj was imagining of the worst. He thought that Bharat might have considered that since Rama was alone in the forest, it would be very easy for him to eliminate Rama and enjoy the pleasures of kingdom without any hindrance.

Nishadraaj called all his subjects and instructed them to immerse all the boats in the Ganges, so that nobody could cross river. He also inspired them to be prepared to die for the cause of Sri Rama. The tribal forces of the Nishad were preparing themselves for the war, when suddenly a sound of somebody’s sneeze was heard. They considered the sneeze as an auspicious sign and at last the decision was made to forget about the battle and think about union as per the good omen. Bharat was not going to battle with Sri Rama but on the contrary he was coming to persuade him to return back to Ayodhya.

But still Nishadraaj warned his people against making any decision in haste. He ordered them to remain on alert and be prepared for any eventuality.

Nishadraaj saw Vashihsth coming. He greeted sage Vashisht and introduced himself as the servant of Sri Rama. Feeling pleased, sage Vashisht told Bharat that Nishadraaj was a companion of Sri Rama.

Hearing this Bharat jumped down from his chariot and ran towards Nishadraaj to take him in his embrace.

After that Nishadraaj met with Shatrughana. All the people spent that night as the guests of Nishadraaj.

The next morning the caravan crossed the river Ganges and reached the hermitage of Sage Bhardwaj. Now everybody was eager to see Sri Rama.

After taking a bath in the holy waters of the Ganges, Bharat prayed- "Help me to have complete and total devotion in the feet of Sri Rama. I do not have desires for anything else-neither Dharm (religion) nor Arth (wealth), Kaam (desires) and Moksha (salvation)."

Ganges manifested herself and blessed him saying-

"Bharat do not have self-pity, because there is nobody whom Rama likes more than you."


The people of Prayag were very pleased to see Bharat’s extreme love and devotion for his elder brother Sri Rama. This way after having impressed everyone by his conduct, Bharat came to sage Bhardwaj’s hermitage. Sage Bhardwaj embraced Bharat. Offering him a seat he asked about his well being. Bharat was wondering how to answer the sage's enquities. Bhardwaj, who knew everything, advised him not to feel guilty about whatever had happened. He also advised Bharat not to hold his mother responsible for the whole events.

Sage Bhardwaj said-

"Bharat who so ever sees your fault in these events, is of low intelligence. You would not have committed a sin even if you had accepted the throne, because it had been as per the wish of your father. But the example you have shown by your love and devotion towards Rama is unmatched and incomparable."

"Listen Bharat, I am a hermit, recluse and have no attachment. So believe me that the most beautiful result of all the accomplishments a person gets, by having true love in the feet of Sri Rama and Sita and even better result one gets by having darshan (sight) of you. So I consider myself very fortunate to see you at the sacred pilgrimage- Prayag."

Bharat who was immersed in the thoughts of Sri Rama said-

"I don’t worry about the duties of my mother, I also do not bother what people think of me, I also do not think about my father’s death, because he was fortunate enough to see Rama before his death, and his love for Sri Rama was so great that he could not bear the sorrows of his separation."

"My only worry is that people will hold me responsible for Sri Rama’s exile."

Then Sage Bhardwaj advised him to shed his sorrows and accept the fruits, which were being offered.

They had their diner and took rest. In the morning they took their bath in the Ganges and proceeded towards Chitrakut.


When Indra- the king of the gods saw the influence of Bharat on every one he was meeting, he became fearful that Sri Rama would change his decision of remaining in exile on Bharat’s request and return to Ayodhya. So he approached sage Brihaspati and requested him to devise a mean to avert the meeting of Bharat with Sri Rama. When sage Brihaspati heard Indra’s request he smiled and said-

"Indra you are blind inspite of your thousand eyes. What ever has happened it was Sri Rama's own wish. If I try to intervene it may have adverse effect on the outcome. Indra, Sri Rama forgives those who offend him, but does not forgive those who offend his devotees like Bharat. And there is no one as dear as Bharat to Sri Rama."

"Therefore, Indra even in your dreams you should not think of causing harm to Bharat or you would lose your fame."

This way Brihaspati advised Indra against causing hurdles in the path of Bharat going to meet Sri Rama.


Sita said to Sri Rama-

Lord, I have had a dream in which I saw that Bharat along with other people came here. I also saw all the mothers Kaushalya, Sumitra, Kaikayee who were full of sorrows."

Hearing about the dream tears rolled down from Sri Rama’s eyes. He said to Laxmana-

"Laxmana I have a feeling that this dream does not indicate any auspiciousness. I fear that there might be some inauspicious news in store for us."

Fearful of a bad news both the brothers took bath, worshipped Lord Shiva and fed the hermits and saints.

As soon as the saints and hermits finished their food and were showering blessings to Sri Rama and Laxmana, they saw clouds of dust rising in the northern direction. They were wondering about the cause of such dust-clouds when the Kols and Kirats tribals informed them about Bharat’s arrival. Sri Rama was filled up with joy, but at the same time he wondered about the reason for his sudden arrival. Somebody informed that Bharat is not alone but he was coming with an army.


Laxmana thought that Bharat was coming with evil intentions. He said-

"Everybody considers Bharat as a virtuous and holy man. People also consider him as a man of knowledge and polity. But it seems that after becoming the king, he has forgotten all about virtuosities. That wicked Bharat wants to eliminate Rama otherwise why would he have come along with his army. But Bharat is not to be blamed, because throne brings many vices with it."

"But I am born in Kshatriya clan and above all in the lineage of Raghu. The whole world knows that I am the younger brother of Sri Rama, so Bharat would have to fight with me first."

Seeing Laxmana's anger, Sri Rama tried to pacify him saying-"Laxmana you are right, a man intoxicated by the power of royalty becomes arrogant. But it is very rare to find a man like Bharat. Bharat can never become intoxicated by the authority and power. Can a drop of whey spoil the ocean of milk?"

Hearing such kind words in favour of Bharat from Sri Rama, everybody was pleased. Laxmana too was satisfied.

Bharat on the other hand proceeded with Nishadraaj after taking his bath in the river Mandakini. He left all the people at the bank of Mandakini and asked only Shatrughan to come along with him.
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