The Third Tantra - Friendliness Of Former Enemy Cannot Be Trusted


May 1, 2019
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Third Tantra itself is a story based on differences between friends, which contains different types of short stories like The Crows' King, Rabbit and a Bird and many more.

There used to be a very big Banyan tree near the city named Mahilaropya in southern India. On that tree lived Meghavarna - the king of the crows along with the other crows. Nearby there used to be a mountain, in the cave of which lived Arimardan - the king of the owls along with his family members.

Both the kings had great hostility against each other. Arimardan used to wander around that Banyan tree during the night and kill any crow, which he found. This way he had killed many crows.

One day Meghavarna called a meeting in which all his ministers were present. He said-

"Our enemy is powerful and laborious. He also recognises the value of time. He always attacks us during the night, because he knows that we cannot see then. We also don't know their residence otherwise we would have attacked him during the daytime. So what should we do now?"

The ministers advised him to arrange a private meeting with the owl, so that the reason for enemity could be known.

Meghavarna then consulted his five ministers separately as to what should be done. A minister named Ujjivi said that it was not appropriate to fight with a powerful enemy.

"So we must make a reconciliation with him" - said Ujjivi.

Meghavarna then consulted his second minister-Sanjivi about his opinion.

Sanjivi was against any kind of reconciliation with the enemy as it lacked morality. "We must fight with such an enemy", said Sanjivi.

On being asked for his opinion, the third minister - Anujivi said-

"We should neither fight with the enemy nor make any reconciliation. We should attack the enemy only when he is docile. This policy is known as Yan."

Then Meghavarna asked Prajivi about his opinion. Prajivi said -

"Neither should we fight nor should we reconcile. Attacking the enemy when he is in distress does not seem logical to me. I think 'Asan' will be the right policy for us. As soon as the enemy attacks we must remain inside our fort and try to organize ourselves".

Similarly, when Meghavarna asked his fifth minister, Chiranjivi, about his opinion. He replied -

"We must try to seek help from others."

At last Meghavarna asked his most senior minister Sthirjivi who also used to be a minister during his father?s reign, about his opinion, Sthirjivi said -

"Though whatever has been said by all the ministers are correct in special circumstances but yet I feel that, at the moment, the policy of Dvaidhibhav would be most appropriate for us. According to this policy, we must keep a false friendship and enemity alternately with the enemy so that he gets confused."

Sthirjivi then instructed Meghavarna to find out any weakness of his enemy. Meghavarna replied that he was unaware of any weakness of his enemy.

Sthirjivi told him not to worry as his detectives would find out the weak points of the enemy.

Meghavarna then asked him about when did the enemity between crows and owls start, Sthirjivi narrated the following tale-

Once upon a time all the birds like, swan, parrot, heron, cuckoo, owl, peacock, pigeon, cock etc. decided to choose their king, as their king Garud was always busy attending to Lord Vishnu.

They selected owl as their king and began making arrangement for his coronation. Just as the owl was about to occupy the throne, a crow arrived from somewhere. All the birds thought that the crow being clever, would be a better choice.

The crow was surprised to see the gathering of the birds and asked about the reason. When he came to know that they have elected the owl as their king, he told them-

"It is a pity that you have elected this ugly creature to rule you as your king despite the presence of beautiful birds like peacock, swan etc. which are more capable. Earlier Garud used to be our king whose name was enough to terrify our enemies. The name of his successor king should also be capable of inciting terror in the heart of enemies. Electing this owl as the king will not serve any of our purposes, just as even the rabbit gets frightened hearing the name of Moon and hops about happily." All the birds asked - "How"?

The crow narrated this following story -