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    Is yoga enough to stay fit?

    I myself do both yoga in morning and gym in evening.I do yoga to keep mentally fit,look younger,keep myself away from diseases which are cured naturally,I do gym to build muscle ,increase stamina stay physically fit for self-defense. But both of them are good for blood circulation.According to...
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    How long should a yoga session be?

    It depends on you and your capability,I myself started with 15 mins on first day i slowly increased from day to day.Now i do yoga 1 hr per day compulsory as a part of daily early morning schedule.
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    Does Yoga hurt at first?

    There can be no hurt if done in proper way,here we dont lift any weights or dont need any equipments to train like we do in exercise.But for first timers they can experience little pain ,effect on their brain.
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    What happens to your body when you do yoga?

    This was my experience when i first did yoga it have put lot of pressure on mind.I do exercise regularly but never felt like that,it was different experience.Our body and mind relaxes.We will feel fresh.Yoga and exercise both increase our blood circulation.We cant expect over night results with...
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    What is the best time to do yoga?

    Yoga can be done in early morning before breakfast with empty stomach is good.Depending on our capability it must be done,start from little 15 mins and later keep increasing duration from day to day. There are many poses while doing yoga.Keep following,each and every pose will benefit our...
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    Can Yoga build muscles?

    Yoga dont help in building muscle,you dont need to put lot of effort like exercise.The session also differs from time to time.First start with 15 mins ,then 30 mins and 1 hour.Yoga keeps our body and mind fit and fresh.It purifies our soul.Some of the diseases can be cured by yoga doing daily.
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    Diwali Aiswarya Pooja - For Wealth, Health, Success & Happiness

    Thanks for sharing how to do lakshmi pooja on diwali.Many people are unaware of it and very few people follow it due to poverty,backwardness etc Money makes things.We do pooja to appease Goddess Lakshmi,she brings us health,wealth, prosperity and happiness.
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    Top 10 Gemstones That Can Heal You

    I first believe in god and next believe all this things.Everything is created by god,so i give first preference to god.It is just for our satisfaction we wear such stones.The stones has power but it can change little not everything.The stones should be worn according to their star,date of birth...
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    Diet According To Your Zodiac Sign

    I don't believe in having diet according to zodiac signs,only in India we have all seasons,the people their body,skin differ from person to person.So you cant judge diet according to their zodiac signs.Irrespective of zodiac signs ,one should have balanced diet with protein rich diet,vitamins...
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    Believe in reincarnation in Hinduism

    We Hindus believe in reincarnation,thats why we are burned after death and their ashes we leave in water.There is death for body but not soul,after death it takes another form ,takes birth and re-enters in any living being form.
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    Do you believe in dreams?

    Everybody gets dreams but it is not true or about to happen because it is a dream. But some people believe what ever we see dreams we get in morning,it just happens opposite to it.It happened with me. We should not get dreams about marriage ( somebody death will happen in our family),death,dog(...
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mothers Day! Not only on this day i love mother always.Today the generation have become fast,some people are lest bothered about their parents,instead taking care of them.They are putting their mother in old age home.It is sad to hear.
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    Does Hinduism accepts other religions

    Hindus welcome all religions and believe every faith,but never say god is only one,our god is great like christians. We often participate in prayers happening in church or mosque.We don't have any such feelings of indifferences. We dont give provocative statements like muslims Owaisi ( MIM) in...
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    Is Taj Mahal a Temple of Lord Shiva?

    I don't believe social media, only to increase views,subscribers,they post the stuff like that.Example i saw about MI phone ,there is buzz going MI new models are going to come up but Mi itself never made official statement about this.Some people are fooling people by fake videos and posts to...
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    Non Hindus not allowed in Indian Temples?

    I am hearing for the first time in India where non-Hindus are not allowed .Thanks for sharing.Why they are not allowed? Does it hold any historical significance? They are some places in India where even Hindus are not allowed if they don't wear traditional dress on special occassion,they are...