Lord Sri Rama Meets Sage Atri


Apr 28, 2019
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From Chitrakut, Sri Rama went to the hermitage of sage Atri. Sage Atri felt very pleased to see Sri Rama. Sage Atri said-
"O Raghunath bless me, so that my mind does not abandon the thoughts of your feet."

Sri Rama was very pleased to hear such words. Then Sita sought the blessings of Ansuya. Ansuya blessed her and presented divine apparel to her. This apparel would never become dirty.

Ansuya also preached Sita about the duties of a chaste woman.

After that Sri Rama took sage Atri’s permission to leave. Rama was walking ahead of Sita and Laxmana. Sita was walking in between Rama and Laxmana.


Sri Raghunath, Sita and Laxmana were walking through the forest, enjoying the beautiful sites that the forests presented all around. Some sages had been observing penance since long in the forest only to have Rama’s darshan. They too were pleased to see his face. Sri Rama accepted their hospitality for the night. In the morning he along with Sita and Laxmana proceeded for further journey. Viradh, a demon was hiding there. He abducted Sita from amidst Sri Rama and Laxmana. Before Sri Rama could react training his bow and arrow, the demon ran towards Rama carrying a trident.

Sri Rama shot a volley of five arrows towards him. These arrows severed the demon’s hands from his body. The demon then, applied his illusionary powers and enlarging his body, tried to swallow Sri Rama. Sri Rama then killed the demon with a sharp arrow. It was the fortune of the demon that he was killed by Sri Rama and attained to the divine abode of Sri Rama. Sri Rama then buried his body. Then all of them made their onward journey.

Sri Rama then reached the hermitage of Sarbhang who was joyous to see him. Sage Sarbhang said-

"I was going towards the abode of Brahma when suddenly I heard that you would arrive in the forest. I dropped my plan of going to Brahma’s abode and since that day I have been waiting for you. Today, my eyes are soothed."

Sage Sarbhang expressed his desire to give his life in the presence of Sri Rama.

He prepared a pyre and sitting on it, ignited the fire with his yogic powers and gave up his life with the imprints of Sri Rama, Sita and Laxmana in his heart. He thus attained to the divine abode of Sri Rama.

Sri Rama then proceeded further. Many other sages were accompanying him. After walking some distance, he saw a heap of bones at a place lying on the ground. He asked the sages about it. The sages said-

"O Lord! You are the omniscient. You know that these bones are of the sages who used to perform Yagyas here and had been killed by the cruel demons."

The sight of the heap of bones and the fate of the deceased sages saddened Sri Rama beyond words. He vowed to eliminate the demons and make the earth free from them.

Suteekshna- the disciple of sage Agastya had great administration and respect for Sri Rama. He never used to worship any other deity except Sri Rama. When he heard about Sri Rama’s arrival he did not believe on his good fortune of seeing Sri Rama. Then Suteekshna accompanied them to the hermitage of sage Agastya.

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