Sri Rama's Coronation


Apr 28, 2019
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Vashishta ordered for wollen clothes, diamonds, pearls, deer skin etc. He also asked the people to decorate the whole city and to worship all the deities. Everybody was busy meeting the demands and following the commands of Vashishta. People of Ayodhya were extremely happy and joyous.

The messenger who had gone first to the private chamber to give the news of Rama’s coronation, received numerous presents and gifts. Kaushalya was busy praying and worshipping the deity, seeking blessings for Sri Rama’s welfare.

Dashrath requested Vashishta to teach Sri Rama on the nuances and finer points of kingship.

Sri Rama thought 'why should he only be offered the kingship when he along with his brothers have grown up simultaneously'. They have played, ate and slept together during their growing years.

When the deities from heaven came to know of Sri Rama's coronation, they became frightened as they feared that if Sri Rama were coronated as a king, who would kill the demons? So, they prayed to the goddess of knowledge, Shaarda to help them.

Goddess Saraswati arrived in Ayodhya and entered the tongue of Manthara- the hunched maid of Kaikayee and defiled her intelligence.

Manthara became jealous of Sri Rama’s coronation. She went to Kaikayee weeping and wailing. Kaikayee asked why she was>


After Kaikayee’s repeated queries, Manthara jealously said-

"Today is the most auspicious day for Kaushalya, because her son, Rama is going to become the king of Ayodhya. But you will never understand its implications. Your son is not in Ayodhya. Dashrath deliberately and cunningly chose this time for Rama’s coronation."

Kaikayee became furious and scolded Manthara as she loved Rama more than she loved her own son.

But Manthara kept on poisoning Kaikayee's mind persistently. At last, Kaikayee too began to doubt her love for Sri Rama and asked Manthara to elaborate on her inferences.

Manthara realizing that her statements had touched the right chord said:

"If Rama becomes the king Bharat and you will be allowed to stay in the palace only when you are willing to serve Kaushalya."

Kaikayee fell into the trap. She said-

"I have never harmed anybody in my life but I don’t know why the almighty has thrown such a calamity upon me."

Manthara reminded Kaikayee to seek those two boons that Dashrath had promised long ago to grant. She also advised her to ask for Bharat’s coronation as her first boon and Rama’s exile for fourteen years as her second boon. She instructed Kaikayee to go to Kopa-Bhavan and tread cautiously.


When Dashrath came to know about Kaikayee’s sullen contempt in Kopa-Bhavan, he hesitated first to go inside the Kopa-Bhavan as he was terrified of Kaikayee's anger.

At last Dashrath entered the Kopa-Bhavan where he saw Kaikayee lying on the floor and all her ornaments strewn on the floor as well.

Dashrath then enquired about her state of mind. He also pledged that only she was the rightful possessor of whatever belonged to him.

Kaikayee then took advantage of the situation and demanded that her two boons be granted. When Dashrath gave his nod, she sought in the first boon that her son Bharat should be crowned as the king of Ayodhya and that Sri Rama should be sent into exile in the guise of a hermit.

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