Sri Rama's Lamentation


Apr 28, 2019
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When Sri Rama saw Laxmana coming, he became worried that inspite of his instructions, Laxmana had left Sita alone. When Laxmana reached near Sri Rama, he said- "O Laxmana, you did not do a good thing by leaving Sita alone, numerous demons roam in the forest. I fear that Sita may not be present in the hut."

Laxmana replied- "I am innocent" and narrated how Sita had forcibly sent him.

Both Sri Rama and Laxmana returned to the hut only to find that Sita was no longer presentb there. They were shocked not to find Sita there. Sri Ram lamented-

"O Sita where are you?"

While searching for Sita, they saw some drops of clotted blood. Walking further, they saw Jatayu lying on the ground with both of his wings severed.

Sri Rama blessed Jatayu stroking his head. Jatayu felt relieved from his injuries and was then able to narrate the whole story. He also described how he was wounded while fighting with Ravan. He informed Sri Rama that Ravan had taken Sita towards the south. Jatayu said that since his desire of meeting Sri Rama had been fulfilled, so he could die in peace.


Eyes wet with tears, Sri Rama said– "Your good deeds are enough for you to attain my abode. With my blessing you will certainly attain my abode."

Jatayu left his mortal body. Cremating him with full honour, Sri Rama and Laxmana proceeded further in search of Sita. On the way, Sri Rama salved the demon Kabandh from the curse of sage Durvasa.

Sri Rama then reached the hermitage of Shabari.


When Shabari saw Sri Rama and Laxmana at the door of her hut, she at once remembered the words of sage Matang, who had foretold her meeting with Sri Rama.

The sight of Sri Rama pleased Shabari so much that she fell down on the ground and held the feet of Sri Rama in reverence. Her voice was choked with emotion. She washed the feet of Sri Rama and Laxmana and offered them seats. She also offered them sweet berries, which both of them ate relishingly.

After honouring both of them, Shabari with her folded hands said - ‘O Lord, I am a lowly human being and a woman with low intelligence. How can I eulogize you?"

Sri Rama replied-

"O Shubhe, I believe only in the relation based on devotion. A man devoid of devotion looks like clouds without water." Then Sri Rama preached Shabari on various aspects of devotion.


Shabari narrated a tale that was related to the previous birth of Sita. She said- "Once Ravan was going somewhere, boarded on his Pushpak Vimaan. On the way, he saw a divine and beautiful woman on the earth. He landed his Pushpak Vimaan and disembarked. He asked that divine woman why she was wandering alone in the forest."

"That beautiful woman introduced herself as the daughter of Kushadhwaja. She also said that her father manifested her from his mouth, by the powers attained by the chanting of Vedic mantras and performance of penance. She was thus named Vedavati and her father had decided to marry her with Lord Vishnu.

"But the demon Shumbh who wanted to marry her got angry by her father’s decision. So, he killed her father while he was asleep. Her mother could not bear the sorrow and died with him. From that day onwards that beautiful lady had been doing penance to get Lord Vishnu as her husband."

"Hearing all these things, Ravan said why she was wasting her time in penance and expressed his desire to marry her. He caught hold of her hands. She became furious and said to him that though she could kill him by her curse, but she would not do so because then her powers attained by the performance of penance would go in vain. She threatened Ravan to kill him in her next birth. Then Vedavati produced fire by her yogic powers and committed self-immolation. Vedavati has born as Sita and Ravan by abducting her has invited his death and destruction."

Then Shabari advised Sri Rama to go to Pampa Sarovar where the sages and hermits lived. She also said that at Pampa Sarovar he would find sage Matang and Sugreev who would prove to be a great friend.

This way after liberating Shabari, Sri Rama proceeded along with Laxmana towards Pampa-Sarovar.


Sri Rama and Laxmana were fascinated by the beautiful sight of the Pampa Sarovar. The crystal clear water of the reservoir was as pure as the heart of a saint. Birds and animals drank its water without fighting. The trees around were also ladden with fruits.

Sri Rama sat under a Banyan tree to take rest. The deities descended from the heaven and after eulogizing him went back. Narad seeing Sri Rama in his sorrows caused by Sita’s separation considered himself responsible for all these. He had desire to meet him.


Narad arrived playing on his Veena. He greeted Sri Rama.

Narad said with his folded hands- "O the most supreme liberal Rama, listen! It is most difficult to please you. But at the same time you are easily accessible by love and devotion. You also bestow boons on your devotees. I am desirous of a boon from you."

Sri Rama then enquired what was his wish that he wants to be granted.

Then Narad replied-

"Though you have numerous names and the Shrutis and the Vedas consider each of your one name supreme than the another. But still my wish is that your name Rama should be the most supreme among all your other names. Just as the fowler sacres away all the birds similarly I wish that mere chanting of your name drives away all the sins."

Sri Rama blessed Narad by saying ‘So be it’. Narad finding Sri Rama in a joyous and cheerful mood asked about the reason why did Sri Rama not allow him to marry, when he was already influenced by his illusionary power and had become desirous of marrying.

Sri Rama replied-

"Listen! One who surrenders his self totally unto me is protected by me in the same manner, as a small child is protected by his mother. But when the same child grows up, his mother does not have the same degree of care for him. The people who have realized me are just like those grown up children."

Although lust, anger, and attachment all brings sorrow but still among all these three lust for a woman is the worst of all. This was the reason I prohibited you from getting married."

Sri Rama then gave a discourse to Narad on various aspects of devotion and blessed him.


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