Bindi As a Fashion Statement

buzzo 1982

Apr 30, 2019
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The typical Indian face of women looks prettier when adorned by a bindi. How the simple bindi can transform a face has more profound meanings. The bindi adorned the forehead of kings and queens in historic times.

Among the common people, bindi was applied more by women than by men. Indian ladies often complete their shringaar after putting on a bindi. Married ladies usually prefer to wear kumkum as a bindi on their foreheads.

Bindi looks best when worn with traditional Indian dresses like sarees, salwaar kameez, and lehenga choli. Bindi looks good on all skin types, whether fair or dark.

Bindis of different shapes

The bindi fashion among ladies didn’t remain constrained to circular dots. Many different ways of wearing Bindis evolved among the ladies. Bindis are available in many different forms and colors to choose from that best suits a face or fashion theme. Bindis are circular as well as of other shapes like oblong, longitudinal, oval, drop shape, snake shape, and other shapes.

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