What is Bindi in Hinduism ?

buzzo 1982

Apr 30, 2019
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Bindi essentially means a dot. Bindi is a Hindi word. Bindi is close to another Hindi word Bindu which means point. Bindi is also the dot worn by ladies and even sometimes by men on the forehead between the eyebrows.

As per Hindu tradition, the point between the eyebrows is touched by the finger while being welcomed with Aarti. A bind is also placed on the forehead of devotees between the eyebrows by purohit when devotee receives blessings. Essentially a bindi on the forehead is a highlighted dot that emphasizes the eyebrow line midpoint.

The point between the eyebrows

As per the discourses of spiritual gurus, there are certain energy lines on the forehead which have some unique attributes. Hence many saints wear on their foreheads three lines drawn with sandal paste. The point between the eyebrows is also called the intuition point.

It is the point where Lord Mahakal (Shiva) and Goddess Mahakali (Durga) have their third eye. That when Shiva or Durga open their third eye destruction befalls, thereby denoting the immense energy focus of this point.

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