How Is A Bindi Traditionally Worn?


May 1, 2019
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Conventionally, this decoration dot is worn in the center of the area between the eyebrows. The reason behind the choice of this space for adorning the bindi is attributable to a Vedic belief. According to this belief, the space between the eyebrows is considered to be the sixth chakra i.e., one of the focal points on one’s body and thus represents the seat of “concealed wisdom.”

This is mainly why the bindi is also known as the ajna or the “third-eye chakra.” Additionally, Nasadiya Sukta believes ‘bindu’ to be the point at which creation began and became unity. Thus a bindi not only has cosmetic significance but also holds spiritual importance.

In ancient times, the color, shape, or even the design of the bindi was not very extravagant. In fact, in those days, women used only a pinch of vermillion powder to make a bindi on their forehead and shaped it round with the help of their ring- finger. As compared to then, women of this era have the option of adorning themselves with sticker bindis of various shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes.

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