Who Wears A Bindi?


May 1, 2019
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Even though the usage of the bindi is profoundly common among the women following Hindu or Jain customs, these days, however, women belonging to all races, religions, creed, castes, etc. have started wearing this dot of beauty. It is also important to note that bindis are not just worn by the feminine gender alone.

A bindi is also placed on the forehead of a man as a dot of blessing or welcoming. Tilaks, which are distinctly similar to bindis, is made on the forehead of men, especially during a religious function, marriage or any other auspicious ceremonies.

Apart from this, bindis are subjected to regional variations as well, particularly in India. While in Maharashtra, it is customary for women to wear a large crescent moon shaped bindi with a small black dot underneath or above it, women of Bengal, on the other hand, are more likely to adorn a single, large, round red bindi on their foreheads. As compared to these North Indian women, the majority of the South Indian women prefer to keep their bindis small and simple. Nevertheless, the significance and meaning of bindi remains the same throughout all these states.

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